December 3, 2004


I will try to adhere to many genres in my paper. I will try to eliminate all of the passive voice throughout my paper. This means I will be trying to use all active voice. This will help me as a writer to be more persuasive and have more meaning behind my words. It will increase the power that I can add to my paper as well. I could also write more for my audience. This would make the paper seem more interesting. It would also make the reader want to understand where I am coming from with the points I have made. I could also refurbish my diction. I could make the paper easier to understand; so all audiences could read it. This would increase the knowledge of the younger generations about my topic. Another thing that I could do would be to put more logic in my paper. This will make it so everyone can understand my exact train of thought. Then, the audience will know where I am coming from in the decisions that I make about my paper.
I can also be inventive and creative within the bounds that I have set for myself. I can think up new ideas about the moral and ethics behind what is already stated. I can also use pictures to invoke otherís imaginations more clearly. By making the reader more interested in my paper by using these ideas, I can make my paper more understood and wanted by the readers. This would enhance the overall experience of reading my paper.

Posted by rohd0038 at December 3, 2004 11:07 AM