December 3, 2004


There are many genre conventions to which I will adhere. I will use formal diction because this is a formal paper. It also makes the paper sound more professional and does not speak down to the reader. I will use active voice in my paper because we are required to. Active voice tends to be more descriptive and flowing. I will use academic sources because that adds to the creditability of my paper. If I used bad or non-creditable sources then my paper would not be taken seriously. I will meet the page requirement because I would like full credit. I have written both the history and the controversy already. The history has been written first to inform the reader about the issue. Then both sides of the controversy are presented. Both sides are equally presented so we donít short change the reader and they are fully aware of the issues and arguments on both sides of the controversy. The next step is to convince the reader to that the side you are arguing for is correct and something should be done. This is done because you must convince your reader before you persuade them. It is unethical to persuade before you have convinced. I will also use the sandwich method with my quotes to fully inform the reader of the meaning and the creditability of the quote. It is important to sandwich your quotes because they should not stand-alone and they must be interpreted so the reader clearly understands what you interpreted the quote to mean. I am presenting both sides of the controversy because it is unethical to argue one side when the reader is not fully informed about the other side. I am also using specific arguments and examples in my paper to clearly show the reader my point. I am also using logical flow in my paper to create a flow. It is hard to follow a paper that jumps around from one topic to the next, so I am writing mine so the reader can follow the topics. If you confuse your reader you are not going to convince them, they will just be left confused.

Posted by head0046 at December 3, 2004 11:08 AM