December 3, 2004

last thought paper

When writing in the genre to inform convince and persuade structure, audience, and voice are all very important.
For a paper to be effectively informative, it should have a proper structure. This means being clear and orderly in what is written, if it is not written in a clear manner, the reader may not understand quite what is being discussed, and they will be improperly informed.
Considering your audience is key when writing a paper. Your audience will determine your style of writing, whether is aggressive, sympathetic ect. You must write to appeal to the certain audience. You want to appear to have credibility by being honest and ethical in what you are saying, an audience will not be properly persuaded if they that you are unethical in your means of persuasion.
The voice used when writing is another aspect to writing these papers that largely make a difference in how the paper will affect the reader. We want to eliminate passive voice so that the writing remains interesting and memorable. We want more action words so that the paper does not seem to pointlessly ‘drone on’.
I will attempt to make use of all these aspects of writing in my paper to make it a well-written and effective paper. I will attempt to keep my information organized and presented in a manner that has a good ‘flow’ and will make sense to the reader. I will also try to make sure to explain thoroughly any topic that may confuse the reader, so that they will have a full understanding of my issue. I will be sure to cite sources of information so the reader knows that the information is coming from a reliable source, and so that they know that I am a responsible writer by not taking credit for information that is not mine originally. I will also be sure to point out arguments from the opposite side of the topic, so that they are made aware of other points of view on the issue. I have done my best in my writing to eliminate passive voice so that my writing is more interesting and will hopefully captivate and hold the readers interest.

Posted by knol0041 at December 3, 2004 11:08 AM