December 3, 2004


In our final paper there are many elements of diction genre. Some of these elements include using active voice no “to be”, having certain source and siting requirements, page requirements, being specific and fair to both sides while following a logical flow with arguments. I will be using genre in a social aspect to zone in on a particular audience; write how students would read my paper. My paper is on a newer scientific controversial topic so I have to use genre in science and show all the recent changing accomplishments in the field. Genre is very important to a paper, as Ms. Tshider said on Wednesday, genre is always linked to power, and as the writer of a convince and persuade paper we have all the power and genre in our hands.

The diction genre creates boundaries in writing such as no “to be” verbs, etc. In some senses the genre slightly pushes the writer to be creative with the paper by using active voice and getting all passive, commonly used words and sentences, out. From there, the writer has the structure of the paper set up from the genre and can be creative with that. Genre also includes visuals and diagrams. You can spice up the genre a bit by adding visuals the writer feels to be appropriate.

Posted by hohn0011 at December 3, 2004 11:11 AM