December 3, 2004

Genre Conventions

Genre conventions that I will aim to adhere to are targeting the audience which shouldn't be too much of a challenge. The more engaged the reader is with the paper, the more positive they will feel about the paper. Relating things to the audience shouldn't be too hard since a lot of people are involved in my topic or have at least heard of it. Active voice will be vital in keeping the reader engaged so I plan to do that as well. I might go back and reword some things to try and use the kairos and chronos method of anticipation because I realized how good of a tool that is for convincing. Using those methods would be a good way to be creative in the paper because it would take some thinking from a different viewpoint. I really like it when you get your audience to think about things in a different way. Voice is extremely important in a paper because it determines how a reader feels as they read and its surprising how much a few sentences can change how the reader looks at other areas of the paper. It can be both good and bad depending how you use it. Overall you have to find a way to connect to your audience through voice, structure, how the paper is presented.

Posted by gran0399 at December 3, 2004 11:16 AM