November 29, 2004

Who else is behind on blog entries?

I don't know about you guys but I'm really behind on them. I just don't see the blog as being very useful. Any information I need, I can get in class. Not to mention the clunky interface.

I basically did a few for the first two weeks of class, and I haven't made any until today. Now I feel like I have to make a bunch of worthless posts just to fulfill some kind of participation requirement, even though I've participated in class plenty.

Any other thoughts on this?

I'm sure I'm even more behind than you are -- I always kept forgetting to log in, mostly because I never remembered to do them until we had to complete that survey before the second presentation (which already put me how many weeks behind??) And even then, after I had completed the survey, I still kept forgetting to check the blogs and write something.

So, now I've done maybe 5 or 6 posts here in the blogs total, so I know I'm way behind. As far as class participation goes, I feel it's a lot harder being in Rochester and not actually in the class room - you miss out on a lot of the interaction and chances to speak up, because sometimes even if you do say something it goes unheard or it skips out. But I agree, any information I need I get in class as well. These blogs are also weird, because I have no idea who I'm talking to -- it's hard for me to remember everyone's E-mail addresses so I don't have a username to put to a face.

Posted by resc0030 at November 29, 2004 2:51 PM