September 30, 2004

Comment on Conf. Paper Idea

I think that would be a very interesting topic that would get your audiences attention right away. Many people don't know much about that area and that would make them more interesting. I think you would need to do a lot of descriptive ways of explaining things, because for some people this is a very scary issue. People have their own opinions in that area and you don't want to offend anyone. I think it would be very interesting though, just try not to persuade the audience one way or another, but increase their knowledge so they have come up with their own thoughts and feelings on this issue.

Posted by lued0049 at 6:27 PM

these comments

it is gettting hard to find things to talk about in this blog thing. expecially when you are done presenting, and everything you have to say about peoples speaches you already gave to them durring class. mabe if we didnt have to do 3 every week?

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:39 PM

speach #2

i was out monday is that when speach #2 was introduced? or is it to be introduced once we are done on the current ones?

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September 29, 2004

Conference Paper Idea

Sounds like something out of the X-Files. The thing about alien encounters is that the experience is so common place in the culture that anybody can think up an alien abduction experience and actually believe it. Th current edition of The Republic has two article son the alien abduction/encounter.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:05 PM

Conference Paper Idea

Hey everyone! Since we're trying to get some excitement up here, I thought I'd share a little of what I do. Ideally, every year I would like to present at a conference. Our main ones in rhetoric are 4Cs, NCA, and some others, depending on your area. A conference paper is a paper written to be delivered orally to your audience. It is based on the classical lecturing tradition. Anyway, I want to do one on the rhetoric of alien sighting/abductee reports. Do you think that would be cool? I'd talk about the commonalities between these reports, besides what the person might have actually seen. I'd bet that what people report is probably influenced by what they've seen in movies, read in the newspaper, or read in books.

Posted by tsch0070 at 2:32 PM

The Speeches

Classmates have really put some effort into preparing their speeches. Each one has been very interesting and entertaining. I wonder what new dimisnion power points will add to the presentation. I am excited for presentation 2 to begin.

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September 28, 2004

2nd Presentation

It is going to be challenging to come up with interesting ideas for our visual aids. I think that it will also be a difficult to figure out what to expand on and what not to present during our second presentation. I think it will be more interesting though for the audience because now they have something to look at other than you.

Posted by lued0049 at 4:39 PM

Oddball thoughts on visuals

Thinking ahead to presentation 2, I was wondering some strange things about visuals.

I mean, you can use powerpoint, slides, the overhead thing, or even handouts (although, you'd have to email anything to rochester in advance) but... videos are kinda a problem. I was wondering if the 2 minute application would just apply to any old video? Just ones that are narration? It's just an oddball thought, I probably wont use video at all... but I'm wondering how people think about it.

Posted by rude0055 at 4:31 PM

First Presentations

The first presentations were fairly good. The second ones hould improve, now that we've gotten in front of, and an idea, of the class. Keep up the good work.
Also, the second presentation's going to be a bit more challenging to work on, with the visuals being added and figuring out what exactly to use for visuals.

Posted by schwi109 at 11:24 AM

September 27, 2004


I thought the presentation on social security and AI robots interesting to listen to. Though subjects were easy to visualize.

Posted by wood0065 at 2:51 PM


This class could use some excitement don't you think?
I don't know in what way but it could use a kick in the butt.

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I can't wait until we are able to use visuals for our presentations because the visuals keep the presentations interesting to listen to.

Posted by wood0065 at 2:43 PM

A belated question

Maybe this will get answered, if it doesn't, oh well.

I just remembered that I totally forgot to ask after the AI speech whether or not he had looked into programs like Elisa, which were able to pass the turing test but obviously wern't turing inteligences.

For curious people, Elisa played a psycologist type person, who would just feed someones questions back to to whoever was talking to it, seeming human, but would obviously not be able to understand any of what it was talking about.

Posted by rude0055 at 12:17 PM

One Presentation Down...

We have two more days of presentations. I have been learning a lot of interesting new things and no one has had the same topic as someone else. I think everyone has been doing an awesome job presenting. Just getting up there is the first step. Just think everyone...we got one presentation done just a few more to go.

Posted by lued0049 at 10:51 AM


I think that our first speech is quite long. I am not so sure if i can make it up to 8 to 10 minutes. Also, I am not a native speaker so I hope that everyone can understand and if you have any questions in the middle of my presetation, let me know so that I can explain better. Thanks :)

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September 24, 2004

More Speeches

Three more speeches were conducted on Friday. So far the presenters have done a very good job. There has been a great variety of topics, and each one is full of interesting information. Keep up the good work presenters!

Posted by joha0179 at 7:35 PM

Social Security/what's really important?

Damn! This class finally woke up for a speech on social security! Just when I thought noone was listening, the topic of money came up. It seems like we are more afraid of what happens to our money than what happens to our health (the topic of many other speeches that elicited no feedback). Hmmmm...

Posted by elia0033 at 3:27 PM


I was a bit nervous when thinking about giving my first speech. I have found, however, that the more I see other people get up there, the less nervous I am. I think that classes like this are good at preparing us to not be nervous, but wonder if situations like this aren't realistic. In the real world, we aren't going to have audiences that have to get up in front of us and do the same thing -- they may not be as kind.

Posted by elia0033 at 3:04 PM

Thinking ahead...

I've noticed that since the first speeches are going to go a bit longer, we have to plan ahead for our next speech as well.

We have to be on the same topic, but I'm wondering what sort of visual aids would be more effective. Maybe it's a little too soon to consider?

Posted by rude0055 at 1:47 PM

Big Day

Well....the time has come, today is the big day for me to give my speech. Wish me luck and don't getg too bored.
Have good weekend everybody and stay out of trouble ya heard me?

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September 23, 2004

I forgot to do this last week and I don't even know if this is write, but class is great, and I am so excited to give a speech next week. I can't wait. Jonelle

Posted by wolt0056 at 5:23 PM

Something new for me

This is my first class that has other students from different schools apart of the class too. I think that it is a great opportunity for those students and it's good that the schools participate in that too. It is different having microphones, cameras and televisions everywhere, but I think it is a neat experience. I wonder what it would be like to on the other side with the Rochester students.

Posted by lued0049 at 11:17 AM


Wednesday's class was designated for classmates presenting speech 1. This class is also coordinated with Rochester via distance learning, and so we were able to watch the 2 classmates from there present their topics. So far the presentations have been great, and we should have some more to look forward to on Friday.

Posted by joha0179 at 7:50 AM

September 22, 2004

Planning ahead for future speaches

This blog does have to be a little more busy... people don't seem to be posting here much, or are like... repeating what other people have said.

I've noticed that everyone so far has been pretty good generally with eye contact... and all of us have to watch our "ums" a little bit... I got a comment saying I ummed too much, even though I noticed it and went "oops" internally afterwards.

Genetic modification seemed to be the hot topic of the day... I'm curious if people are more comfortable with the really informational presentations, or does it help more when social implications are tied in? What seems more comfortable from the audience point of view?

Posted by rude0055 at 6:54 PM

Real Talk

Good job to everybodyso far on their first speech. Talking in front of people is not the easiest thing to do but so far everybody has done pretty well. Just wanted to say keep it up and everything will be gravy baby!
...PS...we need to liven this little blog thing up a little. Everybody is to serious and if anybody agrees with me speak now or forever have boring blogs.

Posted by lind1121 at 4:29 PM


Hey everyone! I don't know about any one else, but after Monday and todays presentations I have really noticed how important examples and stories really are. Ecspecially for those of us in the audience who know little to none about the topics. It just makes it easier to understand and put it into a better perspective.

Posted by lued0049 at 4:05 PM

Not so bad

well for what it is worth it is not so bad, not that I did great but afterwards no one came up with any thing too nasty to say so seemed to be ok. also they really donít care they only give criticism because you want it.

Posted by stoe0077 at 2:11 PM


Just wanted to say good job to those who presented on Monday. You all did a great job. Do you any of you have any helpful tips for those of us who still need to present? Things about what helped about your outline, eye contact, anything like that. If you do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by lued0049 at 8:37 AM

September 21, 2004

First Presentation

I've never done a presentation over interactive TV. It's going tobe interesting when most of the class is at another location and one other person in the same romm as you. Getting immediate feedback is going to be challenging at first. This is adding a little anxiety along with being the first presentation so just try to be open this time everybody.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:56 AM

September 20, 2004

Presentations rolling around

Presentations started today, and although it's a little difficult, it's easy to get scared when actually presenting.

I felt well prepared for the presentation, but I was worried about choking almost the entire time. I suspect it never goes away, but even outright forgettin where you are is scary when it happens. A good outline helps, and also practicing a little bit can't hurt too, for when I do this later, does anyone else have anything they do before hand?

Posted by rude0055 at 7:01 PM

September 17, 2004

Class Canceled

No Class on Friday? What is going to happen with the speeches scheduled for Monday? I am busy preparing my speech, but I am still waiting to recieve those handouts that the professor was going to deliver via email, did anyone else get them? Anyways, I am glad that we are starting our presentations because I simply want to get this stuff out of the way.

Posted by joha0179 at 5:49 PM

Presentation Ideas

Some Scientific ideas that I had include space & time, artificial intelligence, ethics of cloning/stem cell research, computers...stuff like that. Technical ideas are harder to think of, but i've thought of a few. Instructions to a task, explaining how something works, how to work e-mail.

Posted by kauf0119 at 5:29 PM

Need some ideas for presentation #1

i need some ideas for this presentation because i have no idea what to choose for a topic. I can't think of anything, anyone please give me some. I am thinking about choosing "cell phone" for my topic. what do you guys think?

Posted by buix0061 at 11:20 AM

September 16, 2004

Presentation #1

I think it's good that we start presentations next week. That way we start getting comfortable with topic generation, researching, creating, and presenting sooner. We will also strt to get more comfortable in front of each other. Sitting in class and discussing material and presenting are similar, but different things and the more experiene with each, the better. Take care everyone.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:38 AM

September 15, 2004

Topic Difficulty

I'm still having problems figureing out what is considered a technical or science topic. This is my first rhetoric class so I don't know very much about these topics. I obviously don't know much about these topics and is hard for me to pick a topic for our presentations. Can someone explain to me the difference and what some examples of each would be? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Posted by lued0049 at 7:44 PM

Wednesday 9/15

Today's class was structured around preparing for presentation 1, which classmates will begin presenting on Monday. This first presentation has come up quickly, but it should be fun. I am still unsure what topic I plan to do but I will need to consider how it will work for the second presenation as well, which is simply an improvment of the first prentation. Well, let the presentations begin.

Posted by joha0179 at 4:12 PM


what is the definition of technical that we are supposed to stick to for our presentation. it seems to me that anything can be explained as a technical subject and in a technical manner. or is this litterally about technology

Posted by stoe0077 at 2:37 PM

More thinking about presentation #1

I'm wondering how technical the emphasis for the first presentation has to be, and whether it can focus on more abstract concepts, such as presentation preparation (Yes, I'm a weird one).

Given the link for today I'm guessing that this wouldn't be a totally approrpriate choice, but it seems whatever is chosen for presentation 1 has to be a broad enough topic to cover for our second presentations as well without doing a complete rehash of the first presentation.

Posted by rude0055 at 12:38 PM


I am trying to bainstorm for ideas for the first presentation and I got nothing so far. I can't decide which direction I want to go; scientific or technical. I guess I'll have to go to the library and just explore both avenues and see what I come up with.

Date: 9-15-04

Posted by wood0065 at 10:08 AM

September 14, 2004


Here's a link to a web page for fallacies to consider when doing your presentations: Of note are the fallacies of ad hominem, ad hominem-circumstantial, appeal to authority, appeals to popularity. These are especially imporant in terms of ethos, but the other fallacies are often made. These will help vercome some objections the audience may make.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:38 AM

September 13, 2004


right with you on the whole forgetting all of the tips when you actually get up there and have to speak. hope all of these in class exercises make a diffrence that or this will be a long semester. giving a speach for ten minuets is not looking so easy after the whole talking for five minuets, it must get better.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:54 PM

Chapter 2

I don't know about any of you guys, but I get a little nervous standing in front of people and presenting. When I was reading chapter 2 in our books I thought that it had some really good pointers on ways of helping us reduce our anxiety, but I still feel that once I'm up there I will forget all the tips they suggested us to use. Do any of you guys feel that way?

Posted by lued0049 at 7:44 PM

Talking without expression

I thought it was so difficult to have to sit and try to listen to someone without being able to make any expressions. It was hard to keep eye contact with the person speaking. It was also difficult as the speaker to not be able to tell if the listener was even understanding what you were explaining.

Posted by lued0049 at 7:40 PM

Monday Class

Today's lecture incorporated the importance of audience, purpose, and context when giving a speech. It was also humorous to learn that the rhetoric department encompasses the best faculty in persuasion. The activity that the class engaged in after this discussion was similar to Friday, except that we were able to receive non-verbal feedback. It is amazing how such simple queues from your audience, can relieve a lot of anxiety and tension.

Posted by joha0179 at 4:06 PM

talking for five

talking to someone for five minuets about somthing that they most likely have no intrest in is awfull. probably the worst part is the fact that it is already stuff i know so i am borring them and my selfe all at the same time. borring yourselfe and someone else at the same time, talk about multi tasking at its best.

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:47 PM

September 11, 2004

Friday Class

On Friday, each student paired up with a classmate, and then talked to them for five minutes about a hobby they were probably unfamiliar with and uninterested in. The inabilty of the class partner to provide feedback and the distracting dialogue from other students made this a very challenging activity. Yet, it proved how difficult it can be to tak about something extemperanouly, and continously for five minutes.

Posted by joha0179 at 5:22 PM

September 10, 2004

Sept 10th class

Hey, I just came from class and I thought I might try out this blogging.
I was very nervous in that class excercise. You know the one.
I find it hard to talk about myself to strangers but I'm hoping to get better at it.
I like this class already.
signing off...

Posted by wood0065 at 3:59 PM

My first blog

I'm just testing this thing out as I sit here in class. Weird snacks were an interesting thing to learn about everyone. -David Elias

Posted by elia0033 at 3:13 PM