October 29, 2004

group presentations

I am really excited to start these group presentations. it will be nice to have other people in my presentation to make it more lively. the only down side is that we will have to figure out times to meet outside of class that work for the whole group, by the way any one have any ideas for my group?

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:30 PM

October 27, 2004

Nervous is gone

When I first started this class I was very nervous about speaking in front of everyone. I think that it is great that we have such a nice, relaxed area to practice our speaking abilities. It takes a lot of pressure and stress off when I know that I have nothing to worry about because we have such a great class. Good Job everyone on your presentation so far.

Posted by lued0049 at 11:01 AM

October 26, 2004

I just have two things for everyone. Voting requires the person to be informed about the candidate's and topics. To get all your presidential election 2004 information, just drop by The Onion website at http://www.theonion.com/election2004/ I don't work for the paper, but somehow I caatch myself nearly dying from the humor these guys have on news and culture.

The other thing. With Presentation #3, the visuals should go better if practiced well. There will be someone else in the group who can run the pwerepoint, or switch to the elmo, or to the a video. That can help a lot, so the speaker can focus more on speaking and the audience.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:28 PM

October 25, 2004


I am really impressed with everybody's speaking abilities in our class. I think we can credit Charlotte for a lot of that becuase having a relaxed environment like we do, makes things a lot easier.
As with many of you I am also looking forward to the group presentations. It will be a nice change of pace and a chance to get to know each other even more.

Posted by lind1121 at 1:33 PM

Presentation 3

Presentation is coming next being we are almost done with presentation 2. I think that this is going to be a great time having to learn how to present with a group instead of just yourself. Hopefully, we will get a little more time in class to discuss things with our group members. It should be a great learning experience on how to coordinate everything with a group. I look forward to it.

Posted by lued0049 at 10:14 AM

October 24, 2004

Preparing for Speech 3

It is now time to prepare for speech 3. This group presentation will allow us to learn about teamwork, and group presentation strucure and format. This should be a great time, and I look forward to these upcoming presentations.

Posted by joha0179 at 1:34 PM

October 23, 2004

Powerpoints and Visuals

Using Powerpoint, or another visual, can be distracting, especially Powerpoint. When you have to pay attention to the audience and the powerpoint at the same time, yeah that can be challenging. If you add on having a remote site, all the more challenging. People get used to it after doing it enough, when it becomes second nature. I like the idea of keeping busy, that can be a minor distraction from being nervous by keeping focused.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:36 PM

October 22, 2004


After giving my second presentation I found that having to work with powerpoint is very distracting. It was hard to remember to switch to the next slide and even to remember what the next slide was. I didn't think it would be that distracting, but I found it to be somewhat difficult.

Posted by lued0049 at 7:48 PM

October 20, 2004

My Speech on Friday

Some of you may remember my speech on social security. This time I was going to focus it more on the problems of social security, and then instead of just going over specific proposalsof reform, I am going to go over the presidential candidates views on reform and what they have to offer. I was wondering what you guys would think of this. I thought it would be even more releveant and interesting but i would also like your feedback.

Posted by lind1121 at 7:42 PM


Listening to the presentations that have been done already has been a lot more interesting, easier to keep the audience's attention and easier to understand. With visual aids it makes it easier to understand what the speaker is actually saying. It's easier to keep the audience's attention as well, cause we are abl to look at things rather than just sit there and listen.

Posted by lued0049 at 9:41 AM

October 19, 2004

Presentation #3

The group rpesentation will be interesting. We won't have that much time to develop group dynamics, but that is expected. We'll probably be doing the same thing in the future in our careers. Creating temporary gorups to get a job done and then breaking up faster than a tradition group or team would do. Better to learn now than later.

Posted by schwi109 at 6:21 PM


i would recommend to anyone to do the powerpoint over the pictures on that scanner thing in the room. it seemed to be harder for me to try to center the pictures and throw them up there than to use the computer. if nothing else i thought all of the powerpoints looked more professional than my pictures.

Posted by stoe0077 at 5:04 PM

2nd presentation

i thought that this second presentation was much harder with these visuals. it was distracting to have to switch them when you are trying to think about what you are going to say next.

Posted by stoe0077 at 5:01 PM


Remember when presenting that what you can see on PowerPoint on your computer may not be visible to the audience on the small television screen. Therefore it is very important not to clutter the slides, and to have them well organized. These are some considerations worth taking because it will help deliver your message.

Posted by joha0179 at 1:00 PM

October 18, 2004

Presentation #3 Schedule

Add in your group's name here (or group member names)

Here are the days:




Posted by tsch0070 at 8:12 PM

The third Presentation

I think that the third presentation will give me a opportunity to learn how to prepsent speech as a group, because I can learn how to communicate and cooperate with a group members. Also, since I need to do the reasearch for this presentation, I think I am getting better at researching skills. :)

Posted by leex1749 at 2:06 PM


I think that having a visual is very important, because it can help people to understand better when i am doing my speech. However, I am just curious which one is the best visuals between powerpoints or showing the video.

Posted by leex1749 at 2:02 PM

I like the fact that we will be doing a group presentation this semester. I also like the topic that my group chose. I feel that it will be very informative and detailed.

Posted by wolt0056 at 12:00 PM

October 16, 2004


The students that presented on Thursday are doing a great job of utilizing visuals in their presentations. They have demonstrated their knowledge in PowerPoint and the features that it provides. Keep up the good work class.

Posted by joha0179 at 7:10 PM

October 15, 2004


The visuals can be tough to get organized for a presentation, especially if created from scratch. Determining what to use, wher to get the visual, and organizing the visuals is challenging enough. I find it easier to get the what I'm going to talk about and then gather and organize the information first. Then work visuals to compliment the material.

Posted by schwi109 at 4:06 PM

October 14, 2004

Presedential Debate

I think that Bush did a better job presenting, but I still think that Kerry is the better speaker. One thing that both of them did is when asked how are they going to come up with the money for their ideas on issues, both of them completely dodge the question and never said where and how they are going to get the money.

Posted by lued0049 at 11:09 AM

Group Presentations

I'm very excited to begin working on our group presentations. I think our topic is going to be very interesting and fun to present. I think it's good that we learn how to work in groups and also present with other people. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Posted by lued0049 at 11:06 AM

last nights presidential debate

Did anyone catch last nights presidential debate? I happened to watch a few minutes of it, and is suprising how much George Bush has improved in his speaking style. He is still not as smooth of a transitioner as John Kerry, but he defininetly is umming a lot less then before. This is to show with practice anyone can improve in their technical speaking capabilities.

Posted by joha0179 at 9:19 AM

Has anybody watched any S&T presentations outside of class? I'm looking getting prespectives on presentations that are specific the the major and not just generailzed like presidential debates. One thing I liked about the presentation at the S&T meeting last Friday was the speaker being upbeat about the material. Some of the topics in S&T can be really dry and hindrs the interaction, but being upbeat really helps.

Posted by schwi109 at 2:23 AM

October 13, 2004

Preparing for our speeches

Monday's group discusssion about our visuals was an excellent oppurtunity to recieve feedback about what direction we were going to take. It allowed me to more conceptualize how my presentation might be recieved when I actually present, and be more prepared for what could have been some major pitfalls. I will defininetly include the suggestions from my group in my presentation.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:25 PM

presentation 2 schedule

Wednesday, Oct. 13
1. Ash Stoesz

Friday, Oct. 15
1. David Warner
3. Ann T.

Monday, Oct. 18
1. Mark Bickler
2. David Johansson
3. Amy Wegner
4. Mike Schwinghammer

Wednesday, Oct. 20
1. Luca R.
2. Jae Hyung Lee
3. Huy Bui
4. Latasha Woods

Friday, Oct. 22
1. Dianna Luedke
2. Jonelle Wolter
3. Jeremiah Linder
4. Eric Kaufman

Monday, Oct. 25

Posted by tsch0070 at 12:12 PM

Creating Powerpoint

I've never done a powerpoint presentation and didn't think it would be that difficult to make the slides, but now that I have started making them it's harder than I thought. I'm hoping that being able to watch the presentations this week, will give me a better feel on how to present my topic with visual aids and will help me see how other people are doing their powerpoint presentation. Hopefully, they will give me some good ideas.

Posted by lued0049 at 10:08 AM

October 12, 2004

political debates

Interesting that people are so critical of the political debate speakers who are so experienced and well trained. Makes a person with little experience such as myself think how awful I must be to listen to.

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:51 PM


how many people are there in this class? i am wondering because i need to figure out how many coppies of my visuals that i need to print. do we need color for all of these coppies?

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:38 PM


does any one have any thoughts on only having diagrams on flight topic that i am presenting? i dont have any thing else that i can think of that would be related to my 4 forces that i think would be intresting.

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:33 PM


The whole visual aspect can really help a presentation and I'm interested to see how everybody approaches visuals. Just remeber not to be dependant on them. You, the subject, and the audience are the focus of the presentation, not the visuals.

P.S. Anybody going to be incororationg video or audio into their presentation?

Posted by schwi109 at 12:37 AM

October 10, 2004

Presidential Debate...

I watched the presidential debate on october 8th. It was pretty interesting...This time, I think that Bush didn't really represent himelf well to the audience. He seemed quite nervous and his gesture shows that he doesn't have any energy to be there or something.... However, John Kerry was still active and seems he tried to draw attention from the audience.....:) it was pretty interesting and I learned a lot from this debate and it was a good chance for me to apply for my next presentation....

Posted by leex1749 at 2:52 PM

October 9, 2004

Political debates

I happened to catch some of the political debate between George Bush and John Kerry last night. It is just astounding how even John Kerry uses his hands and movement to his advantage over George Bush. John Kerry is also a very creative orator that sets up George Bush, and appears to make him nervous. It must be hard at times for John Kerry to keep a straight face with the blunders that Bush is infamous for.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:26 PM

October 8, 2004

Survey Said...

3257 Survey Questions
Directions: I will post this on our blog under “survey questions.” Instead of sending your responses to me, please edit the entry “Survey questions” by clicking on “edit entry,” entering your information under each question and clicking on “save.” I believe you should be able to do this. I will make sure your permissions are such that you can edit entries. This will help you guys be less nervous about entering your information and will compile it pretty easily, so I can organize it quickly and send it back. If you have questions, write me back.

1. Is downloading copyrighted music or movies without paying for them okay?
Yes-l, 2
I feel like it's wrong but I do it anyways (+1).
I think its wrong but I do it also.
I feel like it's wrong but I do it anyways.
2. What do you know about copyrights?
-I know that it has recently been changed from 50-70 years after the author's death
-They seem to keep extending, mostly in part due to the efforts of various corporations (such as Disney) so that they don't expire.
-pretty much nothing
-They protect the work people create. Violations of them are theft of property
help people get paid for the work they do
-They're great in theory but not always as good in practise.
- I know a little here and there - I know that copyright laws are there for a reason, anyway.
-I dont know much at all.
I don't know much at all either.

3. What is your top reason, if you download copyrighted music, for downloading?
-I like free stuff!
-I can't buy it, most of the stuff I download isn't for sale anywhere (if it is, I havn't found it).
-don't do it
dont want a whole cd and dont want to pay 1.00 for the rights to a song.
I don't download without paying. It's theft.
- I do it because I only want one or two songs on the radio and don't need to buy the whole CD to just get one song.
- downloading is free and you can find things that aren't in stores/on cds.
-It is convenient when I hear a song I like to download it. I usually end up buying the CD sooner or later.
Instead of buying the whole c.d. when I want one or two songs, that's why I do it.
4. What are your feelings towards the current actions of the media industry?
-I think they are selfish and are trying to win the unbeatable fight. Find other ways to market your music instead of trying to prohibit.
-They could make a better profit by taking advantage of everything. They're already using p2p networks for collecting marketing data, but they don't want people downloading their "biggest hits" since it takes away from people purchasing cds, of which the artists have a nearly non-existant share in the profits.
dislike it
-It's a sensitive area. The industry does have the right to prosecute. They OWN the material. It is the same as going into a store and stealing. People need to understand this. And notice that it's the recording industry is the prosecuting the most, not the artists. The comanies own the music because it's "common practice."
I don't feel that bad for them...
I think that the media industry is just out to make money and a lot of those people don't need more money, so why should I have to contribute more to them for my entertainment purposes?
-I think it would suck to not be able to make money because people are illegaly getting their music.
I feel that if they create their own music and make it big, then they should be able to reap the profits.
5. Should individuals be held liable and prosecuted for downloading media for their own use? Why?
-No, they shouldn't. I am all about freedom when it comes to file-sharing.
-It's a little bit excessive, downloading has changed how people handle and look at media and information, that and unless someone is reaping a profit from it, it's hard to justify what charges to place against someone (other than copyright fraud)
-depends on what they are doing with what they're downloading
Yes, if they didn't pay for it.
- As long as their not making any money off of it, or re-creating lots of CD's for other people, I don't really think they should be prosecuted.
-Going after individuals is ridiculus because it doens't have an impact on the industry, they just want the public to know that they mean business.
-No, they just need to find a way to stop free online sharing (nearly impossible).
- If they download a ton, and then use it for karaoke or something to make a profit off of, then yes they should get fined.
6. How many people are in your family?
-4 kids, 22 cousins
-Three brothers, four parents!
-Six aunts, five uncles, four grandparents, one sister, and two parents. And an extended family I wont bother to count.
- only one
7. Is your family from Minneapolis?
-Nope, Bismarck, North Dakota
-Wisconsin, and Omaha Nebraska
-No, Princeton, MN
-yes mound
- i grew up in saint paul and went to high school in mpls
No, From Albany.
- no, small town SE MN.
-Nope, cokato, MN about 45 min west
_No- small town in Nortthern Wisconsin
8. How much do you know about pop culture?
-Enough. I may not watch Fear Factor and the Swan every night, but I stay up-to-speed.
-Fairly up to speed, but I don't follow it directly really.
-not much
-Enough to know that a lot of the stuff out there is garbage.
- a good deal
- a fair amount; I've never seen Survivor and really can't stand most reality shows, but I do try to keep up with what is actually happening otherwise
-I would say quite a bit.
-I would have to say a lot. I watch many primetime t.v. as well as read all of those magazines like: People, US Weekly, and the like.
9. What do you value the most?
-My family, friends, my social and mental abilities, kind, considerate people.
-Helping eachother and determination.
-My family, loved ones, friends and being respectful to myself and others
-family, friends
-family and friends
- family and friends
-Family and friends
-family, friends, Christ and God, helping others
My family, Friends, and everthing that I able to enjoy in life. Sometimes it's just being alive.
10. If you had to choose between your family and your lover, whom would you choose?
-I would decide based on the issue at hand. It would depend less on the person (since I'd love both) and more on who I think is ethically right.
-I doubt the choice would come up, if my family rejected them I would be in a tough spot, but if they rejected my family it would make me see them differently.
-depends on situations
-whoever gives an ultimatum is out.
-depends on the "lover."
- well, my "lover" is going to become my family, so I guess it really doesn't apply here?
-Family, I have never had a lover
-depends on the situation
11. In which type of setting were you raised?
A. Urban - 3
B. Suburban
C. Rural-5


12. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Morning-1, 2
Night-l, 2, 3, 4,5,6

13. Are you involved or interested in politics?
Yes, interested-l, 2, 3
Yes, involved-
Yes, both- 3, 4,5
No, neither one, honestly.

14. Do you enjoy sports?
Yes-l,2,3,4, 5, 6, 7,8
No- l

15. What came first, the chicken or the egg? :)
Chicken-l,2,3, 4,5
Egg- l
does it matter? 1

16. Do you eat breakfast every day?
No- l, 2, 3, 4,5
Occasionally-1, 2

17. On average, how many times a week do you drink soda (or soda-pop, or pop, or cola)?
18. How often do you have go out to eat per week?
-1 per two weeks
- I eat at the restaurant where I work but never full meals
- 6
19. What do you have to drink when you go to the bar (or a party) with your friends (this could be any beverage)?
-beer, wine, things mixed with tonic or Diet Coke
-A coke
-gin and tonic
- malibu and pineapple
-Beer mostl
-beer or wine
20. Do you read the nutrition labels on everything you consume?
Yes-l, 2, 3, 4
No-2,3, 4,5

21. Do you have an interest in what makes an airplane fly?
Yes-l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7
No-l, 2, 3

22. Do you know the basics of what makes an airplane fly?
Yes-l, 2, 3, 4,5,6
No-1, 2,3

23. What are the unclear aspects of what makes an airplane fly?
-I have trouble with laws of aerodynamics
-I'm pretty clear, although I couldn't build an airplane.-2,3
-pretty much know nothing about it, 1
-I think a lot of it is complicated, to understand it all you pretty much have to be an expert
24. What is the clearest aspect of what makes an airplane fly?
-the idea of lift
-I'd have to say lift too
-don't know +1
-the physics
-Combining light weight with a powerful thrusting motor and aerodynamics
lift and how an airplane gets in the air
25. What is a technical aspect of flight that you would like to know more about?
-I'd like to know why they have that "T" in the back of a plane.
-Maybe the different types of flight? And why some methods work horribly?
-don't know +1
-common reasons for malfunctions or crashes
-don't know
26. Do you read the newspaper on a regular basis?
Yes- l, 2, 3, 4, 5,6

27. Would you say you keep up with international news?
Yes- 2,3, 4, 5
Somewhat-l, 2

28. Have you traveled outside of North and South America?
No-l, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7

29. Do your impressions of the United Nations tend to be positive, negative, or neutral?
Positive-l, 2,3
Neutral- 1,2,3

30. If you had to, could you describe the function and structure of the United Nations?

Yes- l

31. Have you ever worked in the medical field?

Yes-l, 2
No- l, 2, 3,4, 5,6,7

32. How would you rate your level of understanding of medical terminology?
A. minimal- 2,3,4,5
B. moderate-l, 2, 3,4
C. I know a lot

33. Does anyone in your family currently have a serious medical condition?
Yes-l, 2, 3,4, 5

34. Do you have any younger siblings?
Yes-l, 2,3
No-1, 2, 3, 4,5,6

How many?
35. Do you have a child/children of your own?
No-l, 2, 3 ,4,5, 6, 7,8,9

36. What kind of pollutants are most concerning to you?
A. Inside-1, 2
B. Outside- 1,2
C. Food-l, 2, 3,4
D. Air-
E. All-1

37. Do you care about what poisons are?
Yes-l, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7,8,9

38. Are you aware of where you get poisons?
Yes- l,2, 3
No-1, 2,3,4
Somewhat-l, 2

39. Is your home older (before 1980) or newer?
Older- l, 2,3, 4,5
Newer-l, 2, 3,4

40. Are you interested in legislation on pollution/poisons?
Yes-l, 2, 3,4, 5, 6,7

41. How old are you?
-23 +1
-20 +1

42. Where do you live currently?
-St. Paul 3
- Byron
43. What is your major?
-STC +1
-applied econ x4
-Not declared
-Spanish and Communications
44. Do you have a job? What is it?
-Tech writer
-Web Development Coordinator
-administrative assistant
-Barista/ working with adults with disabilities
- bank teller, but I just got promoted to a new position for a call center rep
-Computer lab attendant and Marketing Intern for a General contracting firm
-advertising sales
45. What hobbies or activities do you enjoy?
-going to gym, figure skating, reading, socializing, playing piano, hiking, fencing
-reading, vollyball, hiking, card games, and swimming
-fishing, camping
-golf, skiing, flying
-basketball, baseball, finances
- camping, canoing, backpacking, painting, reading
- camping, golf, sports of any kind, cheerleading/dance team
-Basketball, golf, football, watching all sports, music
-golf, reading, concerts, socializing, football, volleyball
46. What is your view of euthanasia?
-I think it's okay when there is no hope of recovery
-It depends on the situation, and the views of the entire family
-not sure x3
- depends in the situation, but the whole family should be involved

47. Why are you for or against euthanasia?
-I believe in the idea of mercy
-I'm conflicted about it, some of the cases I've heard are clear where the person wouldn't consent.
-no one has the right to kill someone if they want they can do it on there own conscince.
- I believe there is no clear cut right or wrong on this issue +1

48. Have you thought about a living will?
-Yes, I have one in the works
-I havn't
- yes, but I don't have one +1
- no
49. Do you know how to get one?
-Yes, my everyone in my family is a lawyer
-I havn't heard how
-yes +1
50. Does your family know your views on life sustaining treatment?
Yes- 1, 2
No-l,2,3 4,5,6

51. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being most familiar) how well do you know
science fiction films such as The Matrix, Bicientenial Man, Blade

5-l, 2
6. 4

52. How often to you follow news about scientific topics (scale of 1 to
5, 5 being often)?

3-1, 2,3
5-l, 2

53. Do your morals and ethics help you make a choice about certain
scientific research topics?

Yes- l, 2, 3,4, 5,6,7,8

54. The most important scientific topic for me is
-genetic disease identification
-World climate change and preservation.
- agriculture
stem cell research
- evironment/ development
-Stem cell research
- cancer research
-cancer research
55. How much does the media (film, TV, news) influence your decisions?
(scale of 1 to 5, 5 being a huge influence).

2-l, 2, 3,4, 5, 6

56. What are your feelings on genetic manipulation?
-I doing like it--it should be the child's decision or a personal decision, not the parents'
-It depends entirely on context, it's only when it's gone through without very much focus on the consequences that it turns out wrong.
- context is very important

57. What do you know about tracing DNA and genes (ie. electrophoresis).
-I know a lot about the procedure.
-I know quite a bit.
-not much x6

58. If there was one thing you could genetically alter (e.g. intelligence,
height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.) what would it be?
-I would want my hair to change color and texture every few weeks without having to do anything.
-I have no idea.
-no idea +1
-wouldnt want change
-Nothing at all x3

59. If there was a way to prevent genetic diseases and it involved stem cell
research and cloning, would you want it?
Yes-l, 2, 3,4
Not sure-1, 2
-If it didn't invlolve the destroying of embryonic stem cells.

60. What genetic diseases (cancer, Parkinson's, etc) are you most worried
about in your family?
-cancer, alzheimer's
-cancer, parkensens, diabieties
-cancer x4
heart disease

61. Have you ever used a tanning bed before?
Yes-1, 2,3

62. If so, what was your reason for using one (i.e. vacation, tan lines, just wanted a nice tan)?
-vacation (once) friend has a tanning bed +1
- prom

63. Have you ever been severely burned in the sun or in a tanning bed? How many times?
-maybe twice
- lots - I have fair skin and was easily burned- but nothing really painful
64. For those who answered yes, did you know the risks involved w/using a tanning bed?

yes-1, 2

65. For those who answered yes to using a tanning bed, how often did you per week?
- only done it once
- maybe 2-3 times/week for 2 months
66. How should audiences behave during a speech?
-at least make it look like you're paying attention
- be attentive and quiet, not talking to those next to you
-attentive and quite, and make up some good questions
67. List things that speakers need to understand about the audience before they give a speech.
- people will have different opinions than you
- not everyone is going to be interested in the topic you chose, so try to pull in different interesting facts that they may pick up on and at least be interested in
-they need to know what type of genre they will be speaking to
68. What should we (classmates) do in order to have better speeches in presentation #2?
-try to be as comfortable, energetic as possible
- make the visuals entertaining and colorful - interesting
-visuals will help out a lot

69. How should speakers use pathos and ethos?
- asking questions to make people consider their logical and ethical choices is a good way to use pathos and ethos, I think

70. How can we conclude our speech for audiences to remember it?
-be unique
- leave them with something to think about
- make a bold statement

Posted by tsch0070 at 7:31 PM

Visual Aid!!

I have learned many inportant things about visual aid on Wednesday. I realized that the letters should not be too small, but should be big enough so that audience can read. Also, I learned that they should be some simple explanation in the visual aid so that the audience can read and learn something from the picutures or posters. Finally, I learned that you should not write too long for the powerpoints...

Posted by leex1749 at 2:02 PM

How to present visuals

Not much to talk about but I will reiterate what was said in class. It is a good reminder to remember not to clutter your presentation with too many visuals. This second speech is only 2-3 minutes longer than the first one, so not much will change. But the visuals are very important and will add a new dimension to the presentation

Posted by joha0179 at 9:27 AM

October 7, 2004


I think that at sometimes it's hard to determine what is a good picture because everyone has their own way learning things. Some pics may look good to some and bad to another. I'm worried that my pics may be to complicated or not enough. I never knew how important pics are in a presentation. I learned something new.

Posted by lued0049 at 4:59 PM

October 6, 2004

Sheaking Techniques

Hey you guys. I've been working with a friend on voice techniques and have some ways to help with your voices and be more comfortable. When practicing, Speak in as loud as you can in a normal voice, without yelling. This forces you to say the words, strengthens the voice, and reduces hesitations. Breath from your stomach. This forces the body to use the diaphram and not the lungs. When breathing and speaking look for natural breaks in sentences to breath and not in the middle of a word or phrase. Just practice reading things everyday for around 30 minutes, preferably scripts, they're formatted for daily conversation. This just helps make what you're saying sound more natural. I know these can be challenging at first and takes a while, but can help.

Posted by schwi109 at 11:25 PM

Wondering about questions

Since pretty much everyone has typed up their questions... I'm wondering how to use them when I'm preparing my presentation.

I could get a better idea of my audience from them, but I'm curious what everyone else was aiming for. Was everyone more interested in like... general information? or what their audience knew specifically?

Posted by rude0055 at 6:57 PM

Debate Last night

Did anybody see the vice presidential debate last night. It was a lot more intense than the presidential debate last week. Both men did a really good job. Each man had a totally different speaking style than the other. Cheney was more authoritative, he has a deeper voice that sounds like a news broadcaster (Tom Brokaw) or something. Edwards on the other hand sounds a lot more like a common person, but his southern accent I think is attractive to the audience. He got his points across but through a more personable approach.
Those are just my thoughts...feel free to agree or disagree.

Posted by lind1121 at 1:27 PM

October 5, 2004

Preparing for Speech 2

I don’t know about everyone else but I found the outline evaluations to be very helpful. By having peers overlook my outline and talking about the topic I was better able to gage the direction I should take on my next presentation. There were many issues that I had not considered with my topic that I am planning to incorporate in my next speech.

Posted by joha0179 at 9:43 PM


So are we to assume that the audience is one which has never heard this speech before? If so it will make it less painful, on the other hand, how boring for the people who have to hear me drone on for another 10 minuets.

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:50 PM

power point

this 2nd speach for power point are we expected to use our own computer, or is there one in the class room that we can use. also is there a minimum or max # of visuals to use?

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:46 PM

October 4, 2004

Big Brother?

I was just wondering how the people in Rochester feel about this long-distance learning business. Do you kind of feel like you are watching a reality TV show? or maybe that you're big brother from the book 1984?

Posted by toen0017 at 4:25 PM


I need help making my powerpoint presentation more interesting. I could give more detail but I don't want my audience to tune-out during the presentation due to lack of interest in the details. How do you decide when you have too many details?

Posted by wood0065 at 10:00 AM

research presentation 2

The citations of my photos, I need to look up those two formats mentioned in the handout. I wonder if she will go over these formatts. I know I'm not good at citations/references in the proper formatt.

Posted by wood0065 at 9:57 AM

Presentation 2

hey there,
I'm trying to find out how I can make my sencond presentation interesting and slightly different than the first. My goal is to envoke a connection to my audience if possible.

Posted by wood0065 at 9:53 AM


Hey, I'm finding myself forgetting to blog 3 times a week.
Iv'e been busy trying to gather information for presentation #2.
My first presentation was a little nerve racking. I was so nervous up there talking about a personal matter.

Posted by wood0065 at 9:49 AM

October 3, 2004

Presidential debates

Hey everyone! I was wondering what all of you thought about the presidential debates. Party lines aside, what did you think of the presidents' speaking abilities? You probably noticed that Kerry and Bush have distinctly different speaking styles. Presidential candidates often have to explain complicated (some might say technical) issues, such as defense, status of the economy, etc. Who did you think was more successful based on the speeches made at the debates alone? If you're writing on here, you could totally write about other professors (leave out their names), speakers you hear, or even myself, if you'd like, and things you notice in their speaking style.

Posted by tsch0070 at 4:26 PM

Pics for Presentation 2

I'm a little concerned and worried about how to work diagrams and pictures into my presentation 2. How many is a good number to have? You don't want to have to many because that takes up time, but you don't want to few because that's not good either. Also, is it better to use just powerpoint or to use other things as well? I just don't want it to be to much or to little. Hopefully we will be able to talk about it more this week in class.

Posted by lued0049 at 1:31 PM

October 2, 2004

things that I learned from this first presentation

Yesterday, I had my presentation. I think that i made some mistakes. I think that i didn't make enough gestures and I didn't look around the audience either...Also, I think that i didn't have enough information either...For the second presentation, I would like to prepare more with better research and information....Thank you for everyone's comments on my presentation....it was helpful... :)

Posted by leex1749 at 11:56 AM

October 1, 2004

Getting prepared for speech 2

It is now time to begin preperation fr speech 2. We must consider when we are going to present, how we plan to incorporate visual aids, and try to address the needs of our audience. The next week will address many of these isues, by having classmates ask other classmates questions, and the instructor giving us an overview of PowerPoint. This should be an exciting week.

Posted by joha0179 at 5:21 PM