November 30, 2004

Monday Class

Everyone seemed to have a great Thanksgiving break, and enjoyed the time away from class. The professor had a very enlightening and helpful discussion on speech topics. It is also nice that the speech times was cut from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, because we simply do not have enough time left in the semester. I am also pleased with the amount of flexibilty and autonomy that we are given in this last presenation, and the abilty to earn some extra credits points. This should be a fun presentation and a great way to end the semester.

Posted by joha0179 at 11:11 AM

presentation 4

I'm excited to get the last presentation done with. It's nice that we don't have any tests or finals to study for in this class. It makes it a lot less stressful during finals week. I think our last presentations are going to be great and that people will have some very interesting new topics.

Posted by lued0049 at 11:07 AM

November 29, 2004

Who else is behind on blog entries?

I don't know about you guys but I'm really behind on them. I just don't see the blog as being very useful. Any information I need, I can get in class. Not to mention the clunky interface.

I basically did a few for the first two weeks of class, and I haven't made any until today. Now I feel like I have to make a bunch of worthless posts just to fulfill some kind of participation requirement, even though I've participated in class plenty.

Any other thoughts on this?

I'm sure I'm even more behind than you are -- I always kept forgetting to log in, mostly because I never remembered to do them until we had to complete that survey before the second presentation (which already put me how many weeks behind??) And even then, after I had completed the survey, I still kept forgetting to check the blogs and write something.

So, now I've done maybe 5 or 6 posts here in the blogs total, so I know I'm way behind. As far as class participation goes, I feel it's a lot harder being in Rochester and not actually in the class room - you miss out on a lot of the interaction and chances to speak up, because sometimes even if you do say something it goes unheard or it skips out. But I agree, any information I need I get in class as well. These blogs are also weird, because I have no idea who I'm talking to -- it's hard for me to remember everyone's E-mail addresses so I don't have a username to put to a face.

Posted by resc0030 at 2:51 PM

last presentation

so just one left! we dont have a final or any thing else left other than the speach, right? does any one know what this speach is about any way? hopefully nothing too complicated because i feel like i have too many things to do and not enough time for it all.

I can't believe it's the end already - I was checking out our syllabus today and we have the outline due on the final presentation on Wednesday, but these are the ones that are supposed to be video taped if I remember from the beginning of the semester correctly -- and then we write a critique on our own speeches, and that's it. The final presentation can be on anything, but I think we're allowed more like the second speech, with the video capability as well as the powerpoint slides.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:44 AM

group speach

i thought it was much harder to speak in a group. aside from getting together for the prep the speach was so hard because i went way over in time and then someone else has to cut there part to make it work.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:40 AM

Reply about final presentation

Hey everyone. Just wanted to ask two questions for my last presentation. Please answer either of the qestions if and wehn you have an opportunity. Thanks a lot.
1. Do you know what each of the following are: living wills, advanced
directives, and power of attorney?
2. Where can you get advanced directives?

I know what a living will is, and power of attorney, but the advanced directives I know nothing about -- hope this helps!! =)

Posted by schwi109 at 12:14 AM

November 28, 2004

good luck to everyone on their last speech. It will be nice to get the last speech done for the class, even though it won't be the last one in the career. Looking back at early stages in life I though five minute speeches were long. I have now come to see that ten to twelve minute speechs are almost too short. That to get everything presented requires almost a series, which is a pretty cool thing, quit frankly.

Posted by schwi109 at 12:10 AM

November 25, 2004

getting near the end

Looking at the calendar we have only three weeks left. It seems like we only began this class last week. This class has definitely allowed me to improve on my public speaking and I have learned a lot about technical presentations. We have only one speech remaining so it is important to finish off strong.

Posted by joha0179 at 1:59 AM

November 24, 2004

Have a great holiday for those who paractice it. Remember to be thankful for all that you have. If you think you are in a bad position, there is always somebody else in a worse condition. So do what you can do help yourself, but don't forget to help others. Or else they will not help you when you need it.

Posted by schwi109 at 11:59 PM

November 23, 2004

This thanksgiving break

I hope that everyone will be going home to family and friends this thanksgiving break to overindulge in turkey and pumpkin pie. Yet, this break is more than a holiday; it is also the perfect time to get caught up in the classes that you are falling behind it. I would suggest that students in this class consider working on their last presentation over break; because once you get back your schedule is going to be quite hectic.

Posted by joha0179 at 2:09 PM

November 22, 2004

Have a great break you guys. Remember, when you get back, the only thing remaining is the prep. work for the last week of the semester. Could someone explain how exactly someone can get the needed sleep during the last part of the semester?

Posted by schwi109 at 11:45 PM

Happy Thanksgiving

We have one day of class this week. I don't know about any of you, but I cannot wait for the break from school start. Even though it's seems like the semester is going by fast, I'm so excited to go home and spend time with my family and get a break from school. It seems like this past week teachers are just cramming things in before the break. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Posted by lued0049 at 9:05 AM

November 18, 2004


It is a little difficult thinking what to write on the class blog. A lot of things people say is repetative. I think it is amazing how many people use power point nowadays as their visuals for presentations. It is really easy once you learn how to use them, however what did people use before powerpoints were common?

I remember my very first power point pres in high school... before that it was overheads and transparencies... and before that probably diagrams on the wall or on tagboard. It's crazy to think about how much technology has changed our lives in the past few years.

Posted by wolt0056 at 4:23 PM

Class And Presentations

Everyone has been doing well on there presentations so far. I am very glad too that class is cancelled next Wednesday. Unfortunately I still have night class, but at least some people and get home early for Thanksgiving.

Posted by wolt0056 at 4:21 PM

There's a lot more work involved with the group rpesentations. Just getting things organized and practicing the speech together is a lot of work with scheduling. It's nice when the presentation gets done. It's also good when presentation goes well because of the work the group puts into the presentation adn the audience gets the iformation it needs.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:41 AM

November 17, 2004

Groups Presenting

These group presentations have been quite well. It appears that the groups have put a lot of time and effort and it show in the organization of the speech. Students have definitely improved their technical speaking abilities since the class began. Keep up the great work!

Posted by joha0179 at 4:19 PM

November 15, 2004


This presentation will be nice to do and get done. It's jsut standing there when the other person is presenting that will be different. Since there are only two of us at the Rochester location, we'll be up front and no one else in the room. Normally I would consider myself having issues if I talked to a televsion as if it were a living being, but thank goodness there's actually people on the other side listening.

Posted by schwi109 at 11:38 PM

One more to go...

It's nice to have another presentation over. Just think we only have one more presentation left. This class has taught me a lot about presenting and I find it to be very useful. This has been a fun class and it was great to have a comfortable atmosphere which makes it easier to present. It's been great!!

Posted by lued0049 at 4:15 PM

November 12, 2004


It is nice to have class cancelled on Friday. For many students this is the only Friday class, and it is probably nice to get a break from the trek over to the Saint Paul Campus. So, I would suggest that classmates take advantage of this free time and do something constructive and productive, and work on your presentation or get an early start on the weekend.

Posted by joha0179 at 12:53 PM


During the group presentations, i will still be a little nervous presenting but with the other group members standing up there with me it should be ok...I think.

Posted by wood0065 at 11:23 AM

final presentations

The final presentation will be interesting to watch based on the topics people choose. Are we allowed visuals in the final presentation? How long will the final presentations be?

Posted by wood0065 at 11:19 AM

Next weeks presentations

I am very interested in seeing the group projects and also seeing the way that the groups present their presentations.

Posted by wood0065 at 11:16 AM

Next Week Presentations

I'm am excited to see the group presentations begin next week. It's something that is new to us in this class and it will be neat to see how each group has worked together as a team to prepare and present their speech. I think there are going to be a lot of interesting topics and am anxious for next weeks presentations to begin.

Posted by lued0049 at 8:58 AM

November 11, 2004

last presentation

Groups are so caught up in speech three, but with very little time left in the semester speech 4 will be right around the corner. This speech will be the pinnacle of our speeaking achievment. It should be exciting to see what studnets choose to present on.

Posted by joha0179 at 2:25 AM

November 10, 2004

Class Time

I am glad that we have an opportunity to work with our groups during class. It's hard to make times work with everyone because we are all so busy. Plus, many of us have tests right before Thanksgiving break and it's hard to find some time to be able to work together. So, I am very greatful for having class time to prepare for our presentation.

Posted by lued0049 at 11:05 AM


i wish that instead of prepairing speaches and presenting them we could just be given like 5 minuets to prepair and then go. not necesarely on factual information, more talking and making it work with what you already know. basically more speaking time to get used to it.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:58 AM

November 9, 2004


I hope to get a summer internship and apply this class assignments to it.
i would like more experience with speaking in public.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:42 PM

Our world

I wonder what changes are going to occur now that Bush was reelected and what will it mean for future costs of tuition and taxes.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:37 PM

Tv class

I wonder what it's like for Mike to see a classroom of students in st paul campus on tv. He sees the class on a monitor but doesn't get a chance to interact in the same ways that we do in person. Mike any thoughts on the subject?

Posted by wood0065 at 3:34 PM


Do you think it would ever be possible to regulate things on the internet such as online gambling. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

Posted by wood0065 at 3:29 PM

fear factor

I was waching fear factor last night and i was thinking... would I eat a blended rat for 50,000.00 and I don't know if i could but I know a set of twins did...gross.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:26 PM


This class so far has been fun and inovative when it comes to ideas regarding different ways of presenting a topic. I can't wait to hear about the last presentation.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:12 PM


i really like the topic our group choose. I find it very interesting and i know that the class will find it interesting as well. I won't give awy our topic just yet , but make sure that you come to class when we present.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:09 PM


I was uneasy about the first presentation I am looking forward to the group presentation. I just don't like the fact that we have to dress up. I never liked dressing up not even for church and I go every sunday.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:07 PM


I like working on a team, Class time is the only time that I have free time to work on this project. Besides I have a group project in another class as well.

Posted by wood0065 at 3:03 PM

November 7, 2004

3rd presentation - ppt.

I think that it is going to be very interesting to watch the group presentations. I feel that it will be a lot easier as well when we are presenting. One thing that was challenging for me was during my powerpoint presentation it was hard to remember when to change to the next slide. When we are doing our group presentation we can have a group member controlling the powerpoint slides and that is one less thing we need to worry about.

Posted by lued0049 at 4:05 PM

November 5, 2004

Class Time

It is great that we get class time to work on the group project. This is a privilege provieded by the instructor. With busy schedules this is sometimes the only time that works. So it is imperative that as much works is done in this small amount of time and that group memebrs come prepared with their material.

Posted by joha0179 at 10:14 PM

November 4, 2004

Choosing a Speech Topic

Group Presentations bring together the individual abilities of many people, but when it comes to choosing a topic, too many cooks can spoil the broth. What I mean is that it is nearly impossible to choose a topic that all group members are going to support. This is when teamwork comes to play, and members of the team make concessions for the betterment of the group. Once these concessions are made, that individual group member must work with one mission, to be a knowledgeable expert on that topic and a team player in assuring a successful presentation.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:55 PM

November 3, 2004


Today in class was more based on a lecture type setting. We had an in class activity which we talked about different arguments and conclusions. It was a bit confusing in the beginning, but once it was explained more it made more sense. We went over things on powerpoint presentations. Things that we should continue to do and a few suggestions on things that didn't go as well or wasn't as effective as it should have been.

Posted by lued0049 at 4:09 PM

3rd presentation!!

I think that this third presentation will be helpful since it is a group work and i assume that since the works are divided by group members, it will be easier for me. However, I would like to say that everyone needs to show team work since there are four people and help each other. :)

Posted by leex1749 at 1:58 PM

November 2, 2004

Working with a group

Group projects may be a learning process but they can be very stressful when group members have varying schedules, making it difficult to get everything together. It can also be a challenge when presenting, because we are counting on all members to achieve the objective and for the presentation to flow smoothly. It is very important that everyone contribute in the research and creation of the presentation so that they are informed and an expert on the topic, and so that they don't feel ostracized from the group.

Posted by joha0179 at 8:27 PM

Group Time

I am really glad that we are getting class time to work on our group presentations. It's to find outside time that everyone can come too without having to miss a class or take off from work. I think these group presentations will be a lot fun and interesting to listen too as well.

Posted by lued0049 at 8:01 AM

November 1, 2004

My presentation!!

I think my presentation on Friday was much better than the first presentation that i did. I feel that I had more confidence and i did make more eye contacts with audiences. However, it seems that i was having a trouble with my contents...i think that i didn't give enough information about chess competition between Gary kasparov and Deep Blue 2. Anyways, I hope to do better in the third presentation!!!

Posted by leex1749 at 1:42 PM

#3 memo

So this memo that is due Friday is an individual assignment? And it is just sort of a summary of what we will be doing? So I assume that we are to meet with our groups to get an idea of what even to make the memo about so we all are writing about roughly the same thing.

Posted by stoe0077 at 11:11 AM