December 16, 2004

Good luck everybody on the rest of your assignments and finals. I enjoyed being in this class with all of you. Take care and maybe see you in another class.

Posted by schwi109 at 11:54 PM

December 15, 2004


In my last speech class we had tests and quizzes. I am glad this class did not have any. I feel like I know everyone a little better from this class more than my other classes because it was very small.

Posted by wolt0056 at 2:19 PM


I'm glad that all we had to do was give a final speech and then a speech review for our finals. I feel that everyone did the best on their last speeches. Good job, and good luck with the rest of your finals.

I think that since a lot of the pressure was lifted off the last speech, they were the best ones. We had more freedom to do what topics we wanted and I know I felt much more at ease with this speech because of that. It was just a more relaxed atmosphere it seemed this time. Especially since we were told to just have fun with it. I think that really helped.

Posted by wolt0056 at 2:17 PM

I can't believe today is the last day of class. I learned some things from this class that I didn't in my other speech classes. For example, how to do something that is technical, but explain it to an audience that will comprehend it.

Posted by wolt0056 at 2:15 PM

Last Day

Hi everyone -

I just wanted to tell you all that I really enjoyed having this class with you, and I'm sorry that I did not get to see many of your speeches, especially in this last round. In the middle of the semester my work place became slightly less flexible with my work schedule and so I could only take so much time off a day to go to class, and recently they've been giving me a lot more to do. So, I'm sorry that I missed a lot of your speeches or if I seemed rude when I left early. =) I really did enjoy learning so much from all of you this semester. Thanks! Have a great holiday season!

Posted by wegne046 at 12:22 PM

good use of visuals

I think eveyone used really good visuals in this round of speeches. They were pretty informative and much more interesting than the ones in the video we watched!

Posted by toen0017 at 10:01 AM

Good luck with finals

No more class after today, but I am sure that everyone has some pretty challenging finals. Hopefully, you are utilizing your time wisely and studying every chance that you get. It is disappointing that we will be getting out of school right before Christmas, but don't let the holidays distract you from finishing this semester strong.

Posted by joha0179 at 9:22 AM

December 14, 2004

The 4th presentations ahve been good so far. Good job everybody. Ten minutes doesn't seem like much time for a presentation. I used to think five minues was wrong, but things change.

Posted by schwi109 at 11:20 PM


I think that i have learned a lot from this class. I learned how to make efficient powerpoint and other visuals. Also, I was never good at making eye contact with audience but it seems that that problem improves little bit. Also, the style of my outline improves too. It was a good class to learn about Rhetoric....

Posted by leex1749 at 11:03 AM

This week!!

Yes, it is great that we don't have any final exams or other assignment in this week. However, don't forget to do the audience critique due in this week. Good luck witht eh audience cirtique guys!!

Posted by leex1749 at 10:49 AM

presentation 4

I think that presentation 4 was very important, because we have use what we have learned in the class so far. I have tried to imporve the problems that I had in the last three presentation and I tried not to make same mistakes in this presentation 4. However, I think that i didn't make enough eye contacts with audience and I was also running out of time as well. However, this presentation 4 was very fun!!!

Posted by leex1749 at 10:42 AM

December 12, 2004

Last Week!!!

This is the last week for classes, and although I enjoyed this class I am ready for the winter break. I hope that everyone else is excited as I am for time to catch up on sleep, family, and friends. For those who have not given that last speech, just be creative and have fun. Also, be merry through the holiday season, and return safely to your list of new jobs or classes this spring semester.

Posted by joha0179 at 11:29 PM

December 11, 2004

Fun Presentations

So far many of the fourth presentations presented have been on very interesting topics and lots of fun. You can tell many people are laid back during this presentation and are presenting more comfortabley. They have been a lot more fun too. Good Job everyone!!

I really wish I would've been able to see more of these speeches. My job doesn't allow me to leave for more than an hour a day and they used to just let me leave at 2:50 so I could stay for all of the class period. I also have been majorly swamped these past two weeks with everything here at work and it's just been crazy.

Posted by lued0049 at 5:22 PM

December 10, 2004

no final

It is nice not to have any speeches or projects due during finals week. It relieves a lot of stress and frees up some more time. I hope that everyone uses this time to study for their other classes and finish this semester on a high note. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Posted by joha0179 at 12:56 PM

December 9, 2004

classes ending

It seems so weird to me that class ends in less than a week. I am excited to get it over with, and be able to enjoy Christmas two days before it happens. I am glad that I took this class so that I now know what I need to do if I ever need to get a scientific speech in my job. Unfortunately I don't know what type of job I want so who knows what will happen, but nevertheless it is still good to know.

Posted by wolt0056 at 9:57 PM


I can't believe we are nearing finals. The last speech that I will more than likely give in my college career. Let's drink one to that. I hope I didn't look as bad as those people we critiqued.

I couldn't agree more to that. That Pete's Dragon girl's face was just so terrible the whole time. I couldn't help but think she looked almost in pain about what she was saying.

Posted by wolt0056 at 9:52 PM

December 8, 2004

Final Presentation

I gave my final presentation already and I am so relieved that I have this class pretty much done with. It helps that rhetoric classes don't have finals. I really enjoyed doing this presentation. It was a lot of fun and you could pretty much do whatever you want with this one. It seems as though people are really enjoying doing this final one. Good luck to those who still need to present.

I wish I could get mine out of the way early like you...but my schedule isn't going to allow for it. I agree seems like the presentations are more fun and people therefore are more relaxed when giving them.

Good Job.

Posted by lued0049 at 8:27 PM

Friday's Class

Hey everyone. I'll be on the St. Paul campus Friday and doing the presentation there. I am checking to see if any of you know of events happening on or around campus that night. Thanks for any information.

Posted by schwi109 at 2:34 PM

Smackdown Visuals

For the speech analysis; Did the WWF woman have any visuals? I really don't remember her using any but I thought the into said it was going to be a speech with visuals.

I don't think she did...the first woman had a chart or two...but the second...the WWF woman did not if I recall corectly.

Posted by toen0017 at 10:13 AM

December 7, 2004

Interactive Powerpoint

Does anybody know how to make things on Powerpoint seem more interactive? What I mean is does anyone know how to make stuff move and grow and such? Just curious as I have no idea...and would like to spice up the old powerpoint for the last presentation.

Posted by warn0182 at 12:23 PM

December 6, 2004


Wow, only two weeks left of school, and we have come so far in our speaking abilities. When this class started it seemed dificult to speak for just a couple minutes, but now it also feels natural to talk for at elast ten minutes on a topic. Public speaking is a majot fear for many people, but this class has taken us one step to conquering it.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:54 PM

Fun Presentations

I was looking at what possible topics I could use for the last presentations and have come up with several good ones. What is everyone else doing for their presentations?

I think that anything that is interesting and fun for the audience will work out well. The caramel speech yesterday was a good example of this. Interesting and fun because of the handouts and the first hand experience. Just my thoughts though.

Posted by kauf0119 at 11:48 AM

December 4, 2004

Last Speech

It will be interesting how people use their creativity with visuals aids in the last speech. The instructor is providing us with a lot of flexibly as far as topics so there should be a lot of diversity in the topic genres. Instead of making this stressful, our instructor has made this last speech fun and exciting.

Totally agree...I like the fact that this last one isn't the biggest one. It allows for less stress in that area and more focus on making it a good one. Usually a class builds up and builds up and the final thing is always the biggest. I like how this last one is more a sum of what we have learned and not just the grand finale.

Posted by joha0179 at 12:38 PM

December 2, 2004

I like the fact that we do mind maps for our speeches. It helps me think of ways that I can talk about something for 10 minutes long. I am so bad at making detailed outlines. This is something that I definently want to work on for the last speech. A detailed outline, I believe, helps your speech go much more smoothly. It is way better and looks better than having to memorize.

Posted by wolt0056 at 3:44 PM

I am very glad that we are doing critiques of the two speeches we watched in class yesterday. It was also good to hear that everyone in class had comments on how the speeches could be better. I would still like to tape my speech just to see how bad I really am and not technical when in comes to public speaking.

Posted by wolt0056 at 3:41 PM

I was glad on Monday that we talked about our last presentation. However I still am having a hard time thinking of what to talk about that is technical yet interesting for students. Any suggestions??

Posted by wolt0056 at 3:39 PM

Movie presentations

I found it very hard to follow along with their main points through out their presentation. I am so glad that we do not have to memorize our presentations word for word. That would make me even more nervous. If you mix up one thing, it would be so hard to get back on track with having anything to go by. The movie was pretty funny to watch them. I don't think writing a page on these presentations will be very hard. It should be quite simple.

Posted by lued0049 at 12:08 PM

PResenting Tip

I mentioned a couple tips about speaking earlier in the semester and want to add another one. The tip is something mom mentioned. FEAR=Fantalized Expierience Appearing Real. This is something to remember if you get nervous speaking in any situation.

Posted by schwi109 at 10:44 AM

In Class Movie

The in-class presentations that we viewed really show why organization and style are so vital in presenting. The first speech was so unorganized that I had a very difficult time following her. Both of the presenters were extremely boring to listen to because of their consistent references and their memorization of the speeches. This movie of presenters was a great example of what not to do when presenting, and should be incorporated in our last speech.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:02 AM