April 26, 2005

I gave my last presentation today and it felt so good. I am finally done. I couldn't be happier. Good luck to everyone else who has to present.

Posted by gaff0041 at 9:20 PM

I cannot believe that the semester is almost over. This speech class went much better than the previous class I took a few semesters ago. Too bad all classes cant go this well

Posted by craw0115 at 12:52 PM

Today's speeches went really well. I especially liked the one about skydiving as it is always something I have wanted to do.

Posted by craw0115 at 12:50 PM

Group Speech

I think that the group speeches went a lot better than i ever thought they would. With few minor problems our group I think prepared our speech very well and had more than enough time to get it done.

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:54 AM

Speech 4

I am a little worried about speech 4 I am having a hard time thinking of a topic. I do have another week but it seems like I have so much piling on next week.

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:45 AM

Final weeks

AHHH Can you guys believe it that we are already down to the final weeks of class. It is amazing I can now wait for summer to be here

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:42 AM

April 25, 2005

I have to give my presentation tomarrow, and I have to say that I am nervous. I know that it's my last speech and it's suppose to be fun, but it's worth alot of points.

Posted by gaff0041 at 10:23 PM


The speeches looked good on thursday, people have come along way in this class from the first speech.

Posted by wieb0037 at 2:18 PM


I have really started to notice others presenatations, we had a really interesting speaker on cults in sociology. It was really informative, and also helpful to see how easy it is to present about your own experiences to a large group.

Posted by ahma0051 at 1:25 PM

Good Job!

Good Job, to everyone who has finished presentation four. You can really see how comfortable everyone feels, from presentations about fish.. to presentations about dating games. I enjoyed all of them.

Posted by ahma0051 at 1:21 PM

My Progress

I am much more confident in my speech giving. I am excited to apply what i have learned to other classes. This thursay i am giving two other speechs and am really excited. Instead of choosing to go last now, i choose to go first. It feels good not to nervous before presenting.

Posted by ahma0051 at 1:18 PM

April 24, 2005


I am looking forward to the rest of the presentation. I have learned much this semester from my fellow students. Thank you for teaching me new things about the world in which I live.

Posted by klein327 at 2:09 PM

April 22, 2005


Ok, I have to write up the evaluation of the two speeches. This should be fun, since they were pretty bad. I do not think any of our speeches were this bad!

Posted by klein327 at 5:52 PM

April 21, 2005

I really enjoyed all the speeches today. Everyone did a really good job. The tone was very casual and friendly, but the presentations were still informative.

Posted by wall0552 at 3:47 PM

Finished (almost)

I am glad my last speech is over for this class. I have become more comfortable with speaking, and this will benefit me throughout my long life. I look forward to learning from the speech that are to come.

Posted by klein327 at 2:26 PM

Speech Progress

I think that everyone has improved greatly on their presentations. It is very apparent that people are more comfortable with one another compared to the first speech. I have also noticed that more people are relying less on their outlines.

Posted by chri1014 at 11:34 AM

Thursday Speeches

I thought the speeches today went very well. The Woodstock and Dating Game/Strategies speeches were very entertaining. Can't wait to hear the rest of the speeches.

Posted by chri1014 at 11:32 AM

I don't know what to do for my final prersentation, i think i want to do a process, but i don't know. What is everyone else doing?

Posted by wieb0037 at 11:31 AM

April 19, 2005

The clock is ticking

I still do not have a topic for my speech on Thursday. Yes, I am slightly paniced. I am planning on have a topic chosen by the end of today!

Posted by klein327 at 2:29 PM

So Proud of Everyone!

So I was asked to judge a parlimentary debate round for a group on campus. The way it's set up is that one person takes one side, tells us what they think (only arguments, not actual quotes or support), the other side takes the other, and after this their partners address the points of the other side and shoot them down solely by reasoning. After each person speaks on behalf of their side, there is a question period and a comment period where anyone from the audience can make a short, 1 min. speech on behalf of either side.

It was interesting, and some group members compete in this area on campus. I was so proud of everyone, however, because regardless of our varied experience in speaking opportunities, your skills have progressed to the point where I sincerely believe you could have blown these speakers away! :) Great job in your work!

Things I noticed with other individuals--lots and lots of "ums" and "likes," too much movement and nervous gestures, incomplete sentences, and lots of rushing, to the point where five sentences turned into one! All of you have improved these particular problems significantly.

Posted by tsch0070 at 11:33 AM

Topics for the last days of class

Hey everyone-

Just a quick note.. the point of the blog is to get your ideas out there, have discussion outside of class, and bring in experiences you have from other classes. What I'd love to hear about on the blog are presentations that you've seen in other classes (from professors or other students, etc.). Have you had guest speakers this semester? Other appropriate topics include your own struggles/experiences in speaking, comments on other presentations, or class topics. You could also talk about future experiences, such as interviews and whatnot for getting a job. All of these are presentations of some kind, and all are relevant.

Per the library's blogging software, it seemed appropriate to try it out. I will be sending out a survey at the end of the semester, and feel free to tell me then if you liked/didn't like it, and what could have made it a better experience. Originally, the idea was that if you weren't in class (or didn't want to participate in class), you would still have an outlet for discussion with other class members. Perhaps we're still at a point where students have to go out of their way to read the blog, as opposed to just bookmarking and reading a few times a week. It will be helpful to know this.

Blogging question: what changes have you seen in yourself over the semester as you've given presentations? Are there things you've learned through your own practice, in addition to class topics? How do you think you will bring these skills into the work world? Will you feel more comfortable giving presentations in front of a group?

Posted by tsch0070 at 11:15 AM

last speech

I'm having some trouble thinking of a good topic for our final presentation. It seems as though all the good topics have been taken up throughout the semester. If anyone has any good ideas, let me know. Thanks

Posted by craw0115 at 11:00 AM

group speech

I thought the speech on the oil drilling in alaska was very interesting. I agree that the drilling should not take place, because the negatives far outweight the positives.

Posted by craw0115 at 10:58 AM

The last speech

I have always been able to speak well in front of groups for the most part. I think i do my best work when it is about a topic i know a lot about. It is best when speaking not to get caught up in to many of the little details that can slip through.

That is why i will never really write a complete speech because trying to read a speech makes me lose my ability on speaking.

Posted by difr0001 at 10:08 AM


I know that some people are getting excited that it is getting close to being the end of the semester but i have always found that the last part of the semester is the most time consuming period.

Maybe it is because i have a lot of other duties i have to do outside of class towards work, family, helping my friends, and personal projects for school and at home. It is like the saying "when it rains it pours." I have always had a pattern in my life of many bad events all happening at the same time and a good size of good events for a short period of time. For me life is just trying to get by day by day.

Posted by difr0001 at 10:03 AM

Per-Group Speech

I know i am the last group to present but i think that i am better prepared than if i would have gone on thursday especially since i was only able to start the speech preparation last tuesday.

Posted by difr0001 at 9:58 AM

I am having a hard time too thinking about a topic to talk about. I just have no idea what I can talk about for ten mintues.

Posted by gaff0041 at 9:34 AM

April 18, 2005

Speech four is giving me a lot of trouble, I don't know which slides to use and what to use for a visuale aid.

Posted by wieb0037 at 10:05 PM

April 16, 2005

I am so glad that the semester is coming to a close, and that there is only one speech left. I really do not mind talking in front of the class, but I have a really hard time thinking of topics to talk about. I think every group did a great job this past week, and I can really tell that everyone has improved a lot since the start of the semester. Hopefully this next round will be even better. Good Luck!

Posted by borc0079 at 6:46 PM


Everyone did awesome on the group speeches. I thought it went really well and our group was great at getting together/putting the speech together. Only one presentation left!! The last ones should be good since everyone gets to talk about something they are interested in.

Posted by chri1014 at 9:49 AM

April 15, 2005

So blog this and blog that, the word blog sounds really weird, maybe its just the way i say it. Anyway I am glad we only have one speech to go go, sweet.

Posted by wieb0037 at 1:44 PM

April 14, 2005

i think speech 3 went really well. it was so nice to have group members that did their part...it is pretty easy to put the speech together when everyone participates.

Posted by wall0552 at 5:39 PM

I thought the speeches today were pretty interesting. the steroid group did a good job of covering a different aspect of the topic, rather than repeating the exact same info.

Posted by wall0552 at 5:36 PM

I am actually going to add some comments to some questions that people have asked about:):) People were asking about what they should do their 4th presentation about and I think hearing about personal experiences, like a hobby or sport they like or something that relates to yourself, or you are passionate about would be interesting to the listener.

Posted by cole0403 at 10:17 AM

I have completely forgotten to write lately. I really have no comments, I sure need to get started on my next and final speech. Hope everyone is signed up for fall classes:):)

Posted by cole0403 at 10:11 AM

group over

i am glad to be finished with the group presentations. i thought it was a good learning experience but i think i am all "group worked" out for a while.

Posted by jens0700 at 9:56 AM

final presentation

does anyone have any suggestions of something that would be interesting for the final presenation? a chunk of the grade is on the appropriateness to the audience and am not sure what to do.

Posted by jens0700 at 9:54 AM

group presentations

thus far i am inpressed with the quality of work that is being brought forth. i can see that in a group setting the speakers that are not quite as strong have appeared more comfortable, and have really improved their skills.

Posted by jens0700 at 9:48 AM

group work

this has been more of a challange then i thought it would be. not the presentation part but the getting together part. the working as a group part. i hope everyone else has found the project to be going more smoothly than I

Posted by jens0700 at 9:45 AM

April 13, 2005

I thought the speeches were very informational on Tuesday. I am excited to hear the remaining group speeches on Thursday.

Posted by gaff0041 at 12:09 PM

April 12, 2005

I haven't blogged in a while, I can't wait till I never have to write in here again. It seems so pointless and I don't believe it adds to the learning activities in class.

Posted by gaff0041 at 8:36 PM

April 11, 2005

Working in groups on speech three was nice, I got to meet some people in the class I didn't know. What are people going to do for the last speech?

Posted by wieb0037 at 9:29 PM

group speech

I'm pretty excited to get the group speech overwith so we can start to concentrate on our final presentation. I am a little concerned with the time we have before our fourth and final presentation. Hopefully all goes well

Posted by craw0115 at 9:12 PM

April 6, 2005

Speech three is going to be really easy, you will have your group mates with you and you only have to speak for a couple of minutes. Once that speech is over it almost time for summer, you know what that means, bbq and beer, oh yah.

Posted by wieb0037 at 7:37 PM

I can not believe that we only have nine classes left. It should go by really fast.

Posted by gaff0041 at 2:44 PM

April 5, 2005

Is anyone else in the class doing this blog? I feel like I am talking to myself. I think it is a good idea, but noone seems to do it. There have been a few times when it would have been helpful to receive a response to a question that I posted.

Posted by wall0552 at 11:33 PM

Does anyone have any new ideas for the final presentation??? i am having trouble thinking of a fun and interesting idea.

Posted by wall0552 at 11:27 PM

I'm feeling good about the group presentation. My group will be doing steroid use in high school. Everyone has been coming to class, so planning the presentation is going pretty smoothly.

Posted by wall0552 at 11:17 PM


I read someones blog from earlier and I am going to have to agree with them on attendence. I know i have missed a few days i know i will miss one or two more but I still try to make it to class as much as possible. I think in oder for group speeches to flow easier we all need to be in class and talking about what we are doing and what we are looking for. This is what I think will seperate the good from the bad is how much work we get done in class.

Posted by dabe0004 at 9:09 AM

Final weeks

I think that we could be a little rushed with our last speeches because it will be getting down to the final weeks of school and work loads beging to pick up. According to the schedule though we should have plenty of time. I am curious if everything is going to follow by the schedule or not.

Posted by dabe0004 at 9:03 AM

Group Speech

I am a little nervous about the group speech. I am sure it will all come together well but i personally think that we should get together outside of class at least once or twice to work on it but all of our schedules are different and it could be very difficult. I am curious to see how well these speeches flow from person to person i think it will very interesting since we all have different speaking abilites.

Posted by dabe0004 at 9:00 AM

I am excited about the group projects?! But dont understand how we are supposed to get the memo done in just a few days, with out alot of time to prepair and discuss.

Posted by ahma0051 at 8:57 AM


Man I use to remeber to do this blog every week but lately I have been forgetting about it and I think it might hurt in the end. I have tried everything to remember i have tried writing notes and that does not even help me remember oh well i guess.

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:57 AM

I am really confused! I missed last class, but never recieved an email about the groups? and also didnt receive an information from group members ? Just wondering>?

Posted by ahma0051 at 8:56 AM

April 4, 2005

Hard Drives

My laptop's hard drive quit on me the other day. I am buying a new hard drive to replace it. Does anyone know how likely it is that the information from the old hard drive can be saved? I am worried I have lost pictures and work information that was on there. If anyone has ever experienced a similar problem let me know what happened.

Posted by john5757 at 6:49 PM

Gas Prices

Our group is discussing our rising gas prices for presentation 3. We will speak about ways to conserve gas, why gas prices are so high and alternate energy and transportation options. It should be interesting and hopefully teach us all how to save a few bucks.

Posted by john5757 at 6:46 PM

April 3, 2005


Group 4 has decided to do their presentation on personal information security.

Are these blogs secure?
Can anyone around the world read the words we post here?
Do we want everyone to be able to read what we type here?

These are some of the questions that may be answered in our presentation. Stay tune for continuing updates on team 4's presentation!

Posted by klein327 at 6:47 PM

Easy to Forget

"It is not that blogging is hard to remember, it's just so EASY to forget." Yes, this is a stolen phrase from a TV commercial for the patch, but it fits perfectly here! Maybe we could do one blog that lasts for the whole week... Any takers?

Posted by klein327 at 6:36 PM

April 1, 2005

It's friday and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Don't forget though that the memo is due on Tuesday.

Posted by gaff0041 at 1:16 PM