May 8, 2005


I just want to say thanks to everythink this semster. There were some great speeches that were very informational. I enjoyed learning on many different subjects. Thanks again. Have a great and safe summer

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:39 PM

Charolette, could you send me my grade for my last speech and my analysis. That would be great I will send you a email also thanks

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:35 PM

the end

wel i gues the semster is over and or blogs are done. It was a great semster i enjoyed the class take care have agreat summer

Posted by dabe0004 at 8:33 PM

May 7, 2005

This is my last blog. I have to say that I really enjoyed blogging and I am going to miss it. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

Posted by gaff0041 at 12:32 AM

May 4, 2005

Last class tomarrow. I am so excited. I can not wait to be done with school.

Posted by gaff0041 at 10:03 PM

May 3, 2005

the speech about the science of the shoe was also really interesting. i never knew there was any thought put into shoes, and i never knew there could be so many different types. glad I don't have a shoe fetish

Posted by craw0115 at 9:26 PM


the speech about the coffeeshops in amsterdam was really interesting. I've always wanted to visit amsterdam for that reason, but never really knew about any of the details- only that you could buy weed in the shop.

Posted by craw0115 at 9:24 PM

I'm glad that my final speech is finally over. I thought it went pretty well, hopefully everyone else thought so as well.

Posted by craw0115 at 9:19 PM


This speech class forced me to conquer my fears, which was a big step for me.

Posted by rolf0051 at 3:27 PM

All done

I can't believe that after I do my speech critiques tonight, I'm going to be done with this class for the semester.

Posted by rolf0051 at 3:26 PM


Charlotte is by far one of the best Professors I've had throughout my college career.

Posted by rolf0051 at 3:25 PM

Everyone did a nice job on their speeches today. I learned quite a bit from all the presentations.

Posted by wall0552 at 11:40 AM

I gave my last speech today. It went fine, but I'm surprised that I was still nervous when giving it. I don't know if it's the topics I have chosen, but I do fine giving presentations in other classes...just not public speaking class. Funny.

Posted by wall0552 at 11:36 AM

Personal Style

I have also really noticed how diferent people have different writing styles. Some people feel really relaxed, others more tense like me. It is interesting to see peoples styles change over the class.

Posted by ahma0051 at 10:27 AM

Speech Critiques

How did everybody do on speech critiques? I was wondering how long everybody elses were, what did you write about?

Posted by ahma0051 at 10:23 AM

May 2, 2005

Only two more classes. I am so excited. I have been so busy with all my other classes, so it's nice to not have any more work for this class.

Posted by gaff0041 at 7:52 PM

almost done

It feels nice to almost be done with classes, I wish there were no finals though. Hope everyones speeches went well last week.

Posted by wieb0037 at 6:16 PM

I began to notice speaking styles of people in my other classes where we are giving presentations. It is very evident which people have had some type of public speaking in the past. They seem more at ease and usually have better posture.

Posted by wall0552 at 2:10 PM