March 13, 2005

Speeches with visuals

Gee, Thursday's presentations were super. I was surprised at how different speaking with a visual is than just plain speaking is. In some ways it is easier because you know the audience members have something to help them visualize the concept with, yet wondering if the visual was really helping things or confusing things never left my mind while I was giving my speech.

I guess it's one of those things that only lots of practice helps.

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February 25, 2005

Power Point

Hi Everybody. So I found that going over the types of visual aids that we should use really help clear a lot of stuff up. I also found that going over the good power points and bad power points was also a lot of help. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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February 12, 2005

Well, that was all great fun

Whew, am I ever glad that the first speech assignment is behind us. Now I'm becoming wound up over the idea of pulling together visuals for the next one. I suppose PowerPoint is the best way to go but I'm leery of making one of those boooooring PowerPoints like so many of my instructors have used. Is that one of the PowerPoint ground rules, that everything must be self-importantly cheesy and educationally mind-numbing?

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February 4, 2005


Well, on thursday I did my speech. I was really nervous throughout the speech because of having to use an outline. I think with more practice I can get the hang of it a little more. Also, a more interesting topic would be better also for future speeches.

Posted by rolf0051 at 7:53 PM

February 3, 2005

Speeches 3 Feb

Dang, I surely did learn a lot of new stuff from the speeches in class today; from pig farming to cow cloning to cancer tratments to genetically modified foodstuffs, each was an interesting topic that I am glad to know more about. Thanks gang!

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I have to give my speech today and I was wondering how people liked just using an outline. I have been up all night trying to basically memorize this speech so it sounds like it flows between the key works I use on my outline. But it is not working out too well. I am starting to get nervous since I can't seem to get it right. I have never had a professor who only let us use an outline. I have a feeling it is going to turn out bad today

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February 2, 2005

A lot stressed

OMG. I didn't write down my speaking date and so I don't know if I'm tomorrow or Tuesday. Swell.

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I just finished up my speech for tomorrow morning. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to find the exact information that I wanted to portray for eight to ten minutes. We'll see how it goes tomorrow I guess.

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January 28, 2005

speech activities

I have to agree that doing the speech activities in class will really prove helpful when it actually comes time to speak in front of everyone. It's almost as if speaking to a single person is more nerve wracking than speaking in front of a large audience.

Posted by borc0079 at 1:43 PM

January 25, 2005

charlotte was helpful when i asked her to give me some suggestions in narrowing down my topic, so if you are stuck or need help she is easy to talk to

Posted by jens0700 at 8:07 PM

December 12, 2004

Last Week!!!

This is the last week for classes, and although I enjoyed this class I am ready for the winter break. I hope that everyone else is excited as I am for time to catch up on sleep, family, and friends. For those who have not given that last speech, just be creative and have fun. Also, be merry through the holiday season, and return safely to your list of new jobs or classes this spring semester.

Posted by joha0179 at 11:29 PM

December 2, 2004

In Class Movie

The in-class presentations that we viewed really show why organization and style are so vital in presenting. The first speech was so unorganized that I had a very difficult time following her. Both of the presenters were extremely boring to listen to because of their consistent references and their memorization of the speeches. This movie of presenters was a great example of what not to do when presenting, and should be incorporated in our last speech.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:02 AM

November 29, 2004

Who else is behind on blog entries?

I don't know about you guys but I'm really behind on them. I just don't see the blog as being very useful. Any information I need, I can get in class. Not to mention the clunky interface.

I basically did a few for the first two weeks of class, and I haven't made any until today. Now I feel like I have to make a bunch of worthless posts just to fulfill some kind of participation requirement, even though I've participated in class plenty.

Any other thoughts on this?

I'm sure I'm even more behind than you are -- I always kept forgetting to log in, mostly because I never remembered to do them until we had to complete that survey before the second presentation (which already put me how many weeks behind??) And even then, after I had completed the survey, I still kept forgetting to check the blogs and write something.

So, now I've done maybe 5 or 6 posts here in the blogs total, so I know I'm way behind. As far as class participation goes, I feel it's a lot harder being in Rochester and not actually in the class room - you miss out on a lot of the interaction and chances to speak up, because sometimes even if you do say something it goes unheard or it skips out. But I agree, any information I need I get in class as well. These blogs are also weird, because I have no idea who I'm talking to -- it's hard for me to remember everyone's E-mail addresses so I don't have a username to put to a face.

Posted by resc0030 at 2:51 PM

last presentation

so just one left! we dont have a final or any thing else left other than the speach, right? does any one know what this speach is about any way? hopefully nothing too complicated because i feel like i have too many things to do and not enough time for it all.

I can't believe it's the end already - I was checking out our syllabus today and we have the outline due on the final presentation on Wednesday, but these are the ones that are supposed to be video taped if I remember from the beginning of the semester correctly -- and then we write a critique on our own speeches, and that's it. The final presentation can be on anything, but I think we're allowed more like the second speech, with the video capability as well as the powerpoint slides.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:44 AM

group speach

i thought it was much harder to speak in a group. aside from getting together for the prep the speach was so hard because i went way over in time and then someone else has to cut there part to make it work.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:40 AM

November 25, 2004

getting near the end

Looking at the calendar we have only three weeks left. It seems like we only began this class last week. This class has definitely allowed me to improve on my public speaking and I have learned a lot about technical presentations. We have only one speech remaining so it is important to finish off strong.

Posted by joha0179 at 1:59 AM

November 17, 2004

Groups Presenting

These group presentations have been quite well. It appears that the groups have put a lot of time and effort and it show in the organization of the speech. Students have definitely improved their technical speaking abilities since the class began. Keep up the great work!

Posted by joha0179 at 4:19 PM

November 12, 2004


It is nice to have class cancelled on Friday. For many students this is the only Friday class, and it is probably nice to get a break from the trek over to the Saint Paul Campus. So, I would suggest that classmates take advantage of this free time and do something constructive and productive, and work on your presentation or get an early start on the weekend.

Posted by joha0179 at 12:53 PM

November 10, 2004


i wish that instead of prepairing speaches and presenting them we could just be given like 5 minuets to prepair and then go. not necesarely on factual information, more talking and making it work with what you already know. basically more speaking time to get used to it.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:58 AM

November 4, 2004

Choosing a Speech Topic

Group Presentations bring together the individual abilities of many people, but when it comes to choosing a topic, too many cooks can spoil the broth. What I mean is that it is nearly impossible to choose a topic that all group members are going to support. This is when teamwork comes to play, and members of the team make concessions for the betterment of the group. Once these concessions are made, that individual group member must work with one mission, to be a knowledgeable expert on that topic and a team player in assuring a successful presentation.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:55 PM

November 2, 2004

Working with a group

Group projects may be a learning process but they can be very stressful when group members have varying schedules, making it difficult to get everything together. It can also be a challenge when presenting, because we are counting on all members to achieve the objective and for the presentation to flow smoothly. It is very important that everyone contribute in the research and creation of the presentation so that they are informed and an expert on the topic, and so that they don't feel ostracized from the group.

Posted by joha0179 at 8:27 PM

November 1, 2004

#3 memo

So this memo that is due Friday is an individual assignment? And it is just sort of a summary of what we will be doing? So I assume that we are to meet with our groups to get an idea of what even to make the memo about so we all are writing about roughly the same thing.

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October 29, 2004

group presentations

I am really excited to start these group presentations. it will be nice to have other people in my presentation to make it more lively. the only down side is that we will have to figure out times to meet outside of class that work for the whole group, by the way any one have any ideas for my group?

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:30 PM

October 19, 2004


i would recommend to anyone to do the powerpoint over the pictures on that scanner thing in the room. it seemed to be harder for me to try to center the pictures and throw them up there than to use the computer. if nothing else i thought all of the powerpoints looked more professional than my pictures.

Posted by stoe0077 at 5:04 PM

2nd presentation

i thought that this second presentation was much harder with these visuals. it was distracting to have to switch them when you are trying to think about what you are going to say next.

Posted by stoe0077 at 5:01 PM


Remember when presenting that what you can see on PowerPoint on your computer may not be visible to the audience on the small television screen. Therefore it is very important not to clutter the slides, and to have them well organized. These are some considerations worth taking because it will help deliver your message.

Posted by joha0179 at 1:00 PM

October 14, 2004

last nights presidential debate

Did anyone catch last nights presidential debate? I happened to watch a few minutes of it, and is suprising how much George Bush has improved in his speaking style. He is still not as smooth of a transitioner as John Kerry, but he defininetly is umming a lot less then before. This is to show with practice anyone can improve in their technical speaking capabilities.

Posted by joha0179 at 9:19 AM

October 12, 2004

political debates

Interesting that people are so critical of the political debate speakers who are so experienced and well trained. Makes a person with little experience such as myself think how awful I must be to listen to.

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:51 PM


how many people are there in this class? i am wondering because i need to figure out how many coppies of my visuals that i need to print. do we need color for all of these coppies?

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:38 PM


does any one have any thoughts on only having diagrams on flight topic that i am presenting? i dont have any thing else that i can think of that would be related to my 4 forces that i think would be intresting.

Posted by stoe0077 at 3:33 PM

October 9, 2004

Political debates

I happened to catch some of the political debate between George Bush and John Kerry last night. It is just astounding how even John Kerry uses his hands and movement to his advantage over George Bush. John Kerry is also a very creative orator that sets up George Bush, and appears to make him nervous. It must be hard at times for John Kerry to keep a straight face with the blunders that Bush is infamous for.

Posted by joha0179 at 3:26 PM

October 5, 2004

Preparing for Speech 2

I donít know about everyone else but I found the outline evaluations to be very helpful. By having peers overlook my outline and talking about the topic I was better able to gage the direction I should take on my next presentation. There were many issues that I had not considered with my topic that I am planning to incorporate in my next speech.

Posted by joha0179 at 9:43 PM


So are we to assume that the audience is one which has never heard this speech before? If so it will make it less painful, on the other hand, how boring for the people who have to hear me drone on for another 10 minuets.

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:50 PM

power point

this 2nd speach for power point are we expected to use our own computer, or is there one in the class room that we can use. also is there a minimum or max # of visuals to use?

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:46 PM

October 1, 2004

Getting prepared for speech 2

It is now time to begin preperation fr speech 2. We must consider when we are going to present, how we plan to incorporate visual aids, and try to address the needs of our audience. The next week will address many of these isues, by having classmates ask other classmates questions, and the instructor giving us an overview of PowerPoint. This should be an exciting week.

Posted by joha0179 at 5:21 PM

September 29, 2004

The Speeches

Classmates have really put some effort into preparing their speeches. Each one has been very interesting and entertaining. I wonder what new dimisnion power points will add to the presentation. I am excited for presentation 2 to begin.

Posted by joha0179 at 9:23 AM

September 22, 2004

Not so bad

well for what it is worth it is not so bad, not that I did great but afterwards no one came up with any thing too nasty to say so seemed to be ok. also they really donít care they only give criticism because you want it.

Posted by stoe0077 at 2:11 PM

September 17, 2004

Need some ideas for presentation #1

i need some ideas for this presentation because i have no idea what to choose for a topic. I can't think of anything, anyone please give me some. I am thinking about choosing "cell phone" for my topic. what do you guys think?

Posted by buix0061 at 11:20 AM

September 15, 2004


what is the definition of technical that we are supposed to stick to for our presentation. it seems to me that anything can be explained as a technical subject and in a technical manner. or is this litterally about technology

Posted by stoe0077 at 2:37 PM

More thinking about presentation #1

I'm wondering how technical the emphasis for the first presentation has to be, and whether it can focus on more abstract concepts, such as presentation preparation (Yes, I'm a weird one).

Given the link for today I'm guessing that this wouldn't be a totally approrpriate choice, but it seems whatever is chosen for presentation 1 has to be a broad enough topic to cover for our second presentations as well without doing a complete rehash of the first presentation.

Posted by rude0055 at 12:38 PM

September 13, 2004


right with you on the whole forgetting all of the tips when you actually get up there and have to speak. hope all of these in class exercises make a diffrence that or this will be a long semester. giving a speach for ten minuets is not looking so easy after the whole talking for five minuets, it must get better.

Posted by stoe0077 at 9:54 PM

Talking without expression

I thought it was so difficult to have to sit and try to listen to someone without being able to make any expressions. It was hard to keep eye contact with the person speaking. It was also difficult as the speaker to not be able to tell if the listener was even understanding what you were explaining.

Posted by lued0049 at 7:40 PM

talking for five

talking to someone for five minuets about somthing that they most likely have no intrest in is awfull. probably the worst part is the fact that it is already stuff i know so i am borring them and my selfe all at the same time. borring yourselfe and someone else at the same time, talk about multi tasking at its best.

Posted by stoe0077 at 12:47 PM

September 11, 2004

Friday Class

On Friday, each student paired up with a classmate, and then talked to them for five minutes about a hobby they were probably unfamiliar with and uninterested in. The inabilty of the class partner to provide feedback and the distracting dialogue from other students made this a very challenging activity. Yet, it proved how difficult it can be to tak about something extemperanouly, and continously for five minutes.

Posted by joha0179 at 5:22 PM