May 1, 2009

Technology Gone Bad!

Has technology really going bad? Technology was theoretically speaking supposed to be your friend. It was made to make things easier for people, easy access, more convenience, and an advanced tool for efficiency and effectiveness. However, some see the technology available as a luxury (use it when they can), some use it on a daily basis as a necessary tool (cannot live without it), some struggle to use it due to limited access or knowledge, and all the while there are a few bunch that are extremely knowledgeable and crafty with technology that they find ways to thrive on others misfortune. It is not to difficult to hack into other peoples computers or accounts that would opens up access to all of personal and private information. Hacking is a skill and an art. But the negative uses of hacking makes it hard to like and therefore gives technology a bad image. People are afraid of technology because they know it would make them susceptible to being robbed of their privacy. So what happens when we are forced to use the technology that we cannot trust?

After watching the insightful documentary “Hacking Democracy,” it would be easy to admit that throwing away all of the technology in the world and going back to times when no such tools existed would not be so bad. One of the most important features of American culture (and known world-wide) is the freedom of expression and the opportunity to be anything one strives for. This opportunity also gives us the right to vote as American citizens. Voting is a privilege and a right, however that privilege is not honored to non-citizens and is also taken away when one commits a felony or crime of some sort. No one in prison is allowed to vote. It may be easy to say, “who want criminals that won’t follow and obey the laws to vote and have an input on our lives?” So it is necessary to understand that taking away your voting rights is one way to take away your voice. Well, what does that say about the rest of the people that are allowed to vote and they exercise that right, but their votes are still manipulated to show results that benefit certain groups or powers? What voice do they have if they cannot rightfully be heard even though they’re accounted for?

We live in a democratic world, so they say. In reality, we are exposed to being manipulated and fed garbage that will make us confused and exhausted for a time period till we give up on the issue. The first step to gaining ground is by asking questions endlessly and tirelessly, but we must also know the right type of questions to ask as well as how to ask it and who to ask it to. There are many channels to deal with when one’s right is not being executed with the right process. Before we scream at so many different people though, we must initially ask ourselves if all of this matters at all and how much we are willing to commit to the cause of fighting for our rights and our dignity.