October 9, 2008

Wrap Up

Favorite activities - I really enjoye the web conferencing and the podcast lessons. I think the web conferencing has so much potential for training volunteers and the podcasts may have some potential as well.

Everyday work - I am more comfortable with the technology that is out there. I see blogs as having a use in my work and the web conferencing is going to be used with an upcoming leader training - I can't wait!

What could be improved - nothing that I can think of right now. I loved the opportunity to learn in a new way!

Next course - maybe something on websites and developing?

Thanks so much for doing this! I really enjoyed it!


October 3, 2008


This is a great tool! We are planning to use this with our upcoming regional leader trainings. I am very excited by this. After reading this week's session I'm a bit concerend about the audio. We don't plan to make it interactive via the web but instead will use phones for call in questions. As presenters we will use headphones equipped with microphones to share our presentation via the internet. I am hoping this will work. I think we will contact Karen to make sure we are on the right track. Exciting stuff!


I have not had much experience with chat groups and after this lesson I am still not convinced. Not sure how different it is from just e-mailing. I know we could use it with youth and they are already way ahead of the game. I better get there too!

September 15, 2008

social networking

In the world of 4-H and youth social networking needs to be happening. The kids are doing it and we need to connect to it. In October there will be a 4-H site that will help the young people with this. I'm thinking that locally it would be great to work on something to stay connected or to communicate.


September 8, 2008

Love It!

I am using the productivity tools already! Zamzar - used to covert two files from pdf to doc. Still waiting for them to come through but how cool if it really works and I could type into the document! Google Docs will also be helpful as I am working with another educator to plan our leader training and using a power point format. I can see many uses for these tools and hope to continue using them.

Also because of this course I created a share site on Shutterfly for our photos to share with my family. I think this will be much easier than sending only 1-2 photos at a time via e-mail!


September 3, 2008


You're really going to think I live a sheltered technology life but these are cool! I have downloaded music before from iTunes but never a podcast. I'm hooked and have found several I have subscribed to. Really glad I'm participating in this!

Wiki lessono

I especially liked the wiki about youth development. I could catch up on some reserach topics and do it from the convenience of my desk or home. It is interesting to see all the different ones available!

feeders again

I added the RSS feeds to Bloglines today - wow that was pretty easy. Just takes having time to actually do it.

August 26, 2008

photos & videos

I did the tutorial of Flikr. I am a member of Shutterfly and it is very similiar. I do realize I am not using it to it's fullest potential - Where is the time!?! I hope to utilize it more as I find more time in my work world as well as my personal life!


Still working in the RSS & feeders. I will add more later when I have confirmation from bloglines.

August 4, 2008

First Time Blogging

Good morning! I am Trish Sheehan, an Extension Educator at the Regional Office in Hutchinson, and this is a first for me! I am very excited and interested in this course as I would like to incorporate the use of more technology into my teaching. I work with 4-H & Youth Development and want to start utilizing this in my work - especially with youth.