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Branding a Legacy

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Every couple years, for a few short weeks, we are given a break: a break that unites cities, countries, and the world. When the Olympic Flame is finally lit, the games begin as thousands of athletes embody the human spirit and captivate a global audience. Since the 1996 Atlanta Olympics I have been hooked, and it has been a life long dream of mine to not only witness the event, but also become part of the team that makes the Olympics happen.

Goals for a New Millennium

In elementary school we learned the 3 basic needs in life were food, shelter, and clothing. The times may have changed, but these needs still remain; and in my opinion the order has too. For this reason I selected to work on 'eradicating extreme poverty and hunger' as my final project in 1701. Although everyone is aware of the people in poor nations struggling to receive what we take for granted, it can be difficult to understand the magnitude of the problem when you’re half way around the world. However, every so often we stumble upon reminders of how 854 million people are not as fortunate as us.



Last Monday I went downtown to the Central Public Library in Minneapolis to return an overdue book. I walked into the 4-story atrium, turned to my right in an attempt to enter the bookkeeping space, and found the doors locked. After a good tug and a sweeping look around me for an alternate route, I casually walked away pretending I knew the doors wouldn’t open and trying not to look like a complete moron. But before I walked back outside I realized a brochure filled table with a sign that read: KEEP LIBARIES OPEN. I took a pamphlet and began to read of budget cuts and reduced funding that forced the library to shut its doors on Mondays.

The Living City

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What makes a city a city? Is it the buildings? Is it the businesses? Is it the people? All three play an integral role but there’s still an element missing. Another piece to the puzzle that truly brings the city to life: transportation.

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