Branding a Legacy

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Every couple years, for a few short weeks, we are given a break: a break that unites cities, countries, and the world. When the Olympic Flame is finally lit, the games begin as thousands of athletes embody the human spirit and captivate a global audience. Since the 1996 Atlanta Olympics I have been hooked, and it has been a life long dream of mine to not only witness the event, but also become part of the team that makes the Olympics happen.


Given the choice I would love to work on the design committee. The team is responsible for the creations that help the public identify with the Olympiad such a logo, theme song, mascots, stadiums, and the opening/closing ceremonies. To me, it’s this branding that helps connect everything together; the slogan and song remind us of the game’s true importance, the logo teaches us something about the host city, and the stadiums stand as a tribute of ingenuity to the countries architects.

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Although the games only last two weeks, their legacy fills the host city forever. Going back to Atlanta, the Olympic Centennial Park still serves the city strong as host to a variety of festivals and celebrations. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum continues to light the Olympic Torch to symbolize important events taking place inside the venue. And who will ever forget the “Miracle On Ice,? that was the 1980 US Men’s Hockey gold medal championship over the Soviet Union. The Olympics may have come and gone, but their sprit and remains still have a lasting impression upon their host.


Not only do the games continue to touch a city after they have left, but even before they arrive their presence is felt. In Beijing, new subway lines now better connect the rapidly growing city. In London a new Olympic Green will replace a once rundown wasteland. And in Chicago the people are banding together for a shot at the 2016 Olympics.

The impact of the Olympics can be felt physically and emotionally before, during, and long after the event. By giving the event a face through image, song, and construction we can insure the true message of the games is heard, and resonates for eternity.

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It's a great read for me, Has to admit that you are one of the better writers I ever saw.

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