The Living City

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What makes a city a city? Is it the buildings? Is it the businesses? Is it the people? All three play an integral role but there’s still an element missing. Another piece to the puzzle that truly brings the city to life: transportation.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, “transportation is a system, or means of transporting people or goods.? In its most basic definition, this is true. But in the context of the metropolis, roads and rails are the veins of a city’s body, and the transportation along them its pulse. Carrying people and goods alike, a city’s transportation infrastructure brings the metropolitan area to life by connecting and adapting to the various needs of its surrounding population.

At the end of the day when the shops close, businessman head home, and the visitors check in to their hotels, the streets clear the city begins to sleep. But as the bright sun of dawn approaches, the city awakens; bringing in new energy and life to the city for another day are the cars, busses, boats, bikes, and trains. The blood begins to move and the heart of the city begins to race.

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As chaotic as the city grows throughout the day the movement of people continues to flow. Trains depart, bus lines cross, the cab driver’s fare grows higher. The organized chaos of Metro Transit carries the pulse seamlessly in, out, and around the metropolis when and where it needs to go.

When the dog days pass, and the last leaf falls, the pulse does not stop. But instead slows with the freezing river, as the snow covered pavement hangs up it's bike. The white sidewalks grow empty while the busses and trains reach maximum capacity. A transportation transformation is underway but not for eternity. Eventually the ice thaws, the snow melts, the buses empty, and the pulse quickens.

The city was built by man, but it is also inspired by him. It embodies the characteristics and tendencies of a natural being in the way it moves, adapts, and radiates its passion for life. The veins that carry the city’s pulse sustain its existence, and as long as they persist the city will continue to thrive.

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