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Laying It All Out There


We’ve all experienced confusion when it comes to the instructions of an assemble-it-yourself product, trying to send a picture in your text message, or if you’re my mom – using Google. Products and procedures that are meant to simplify and make our lives easier often prove to be a bigger headache than anticipated; and the finger of blame can be directed at designers. So when it comes down to laying out our groups term project, some key decisions need to be made that not only enhance the visual appeal of our final product, but also assist the reader in understanding exactly what we mean.

Form v. Function

When I arrived at the University of Minnesota I aspired to be a green architect, one that designed aesthetically pleasing spaces that effectively balanced form and function. I felt our current environment was too excessive to be efficient. Although both architecture classes have pointed out the obvious housing problems resulting from extreme poverty and natural disasters, we have spent far too much time gawking over ridiculously expensive designer buildings whose function is none greater than a basic structure.

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