you CAN judge a book by its cover

We’ve all heard the old saying; you can’t judge a book by its cover. But everyone knows this isn’t true. In today’s world, appearance does matter. As humans we are attracted to clever, flashy, and bold covers that grab our attention and direct us anxiously to its pages. So when it comes to displaying our final research project, the cover page must serve as an attractive and accurate gateway to the information inside. Below is a selection of three separate cover pages, each with its own look that highlights different important aspects of our research

1. The first cover is very fundamental in its layout. It uses a large graphic and emotionally moving picture to grab the reader’s attention, while including bolded text to help important words pop.

COVER 1B.tiff

2. The second cover is quite different from the first. While still easy to read and follow, this page is simpler in design. Taking the UN Millennium Development Goals graphic, I faded the 7 other goals we did not work on. This shows that although we feel the 1st goal is most important, all of them are interconnected and play an important role in our solution.

COVER 2.tiff

3. The third cover does not use any images. Instead the page is full of statistics in relation to our goal on hunger and poverty. The statistics are faded in the background help the important text stand out. In a sense they provide the reader with an opportunity to create their own mental image, and help foreshadow the contents of our research.

COVER 3B.tiff

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