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MDG Presentation Reviews

Although public speaking is considered more fearful to most than dying, just about all of us will be faced with it at some point before our last breath. To ease the burden of this terrifying experience, and create a meaningful message for your audience, it is imperative to begin work on your presentation by first organizing your ideas. Last week in section and lecture we witnessed the best and worst examples of this simple tool.

Jackon Street Thoughts

Throughout the entire year I've volunteered at Jackson Street Village tutoring kids after school. However, this semester I felt my time spent at the center was much more beneficial than last semester's. In the fall I was volunteering because I had to. Although I’ve always enjoyed helping people, I viewed it as more of a burden because I didn’t really see its connection to the architecture class I was taking. At this point it doesn’t seem completely relevant to 1701 The Designed Environment, but my time at the tutoring center has taken on a completely different meaning for me.

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