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Throughout the entire year I've volunteered at Jackson Street Village tutoring kids after school. However, this semester I felt my time spent at the center was much more beneficial than last semester's. In the fall I was volunteering because I had to. Although I’ve always enjoyed helping people, I viewed it as more of a burden because I didn’t really see its connection to the architecture class I was taking. At this point it doesn’t seem completely relevant to 1701 The Designed Environment, but my time at the tutoring center has taken on a completely different meaning for me.

Having decided to become a teacher over this semester, volunteering at Jackson Street gets me excited about the future. Because I go to the center with a better attitude now, it is more satisfying when I help someone, whether it’s with a math worksheet, English paper, or with a personal concern. Various activities at the center, such as the reading of “Freedom Writers?, also have me eagerly anticipating my time as a teacher when I will be able to create moments in a child’s education that will serve as pivotal experiences in their life. Learning is a process, and the different age groups and levels of intelligence I’m exposed to at Jackson Street provide a true picture of what’s in store.

The diverse range of behaviors, learning styles, and personalities have certainly made volunteering at Jackson Street more difficult at times, but has ultimately prepared me well for the future. Coming from an affluent suburb of Milwaukee where everyone was the same made it challenging for me to slide right in at the center. However I feel I handled it well, and have done a great job with my time there. The most rewarding moments come at the end of the day when kids ask if I will be back tomorrow. I always reply, “Sorry, no, but I’ll be back in two weeks!? Come the end of the semester I won’t be able to say several weeks, but I will say several months, because I defiantly will return in the fall.

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