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Blog Prompt 8

-My first critical review will be on Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality in the Honors section. Immediately, when I viewed the slides, I was struck by the supremely symbolic background to the slides. The color black was an entirely approriate decesion due to the shocking nature of the facts presented. Along the same line, the images shown fit the presentation well, they changed from being dramatic to hopeful alongside the presentation.

-Very detailed background information in the region of focus, which was Ethiopia. The corporations that have been helping the area were all well chosen, plus the website that donates a mosquito net when you play their game was a great connection.

-As a final note, even though the group ran into some trouble trying to make their video work for the class, they wer able to improvise when they needed to. This shows a thourogh eunderstanding of the research with an abiltiy to relate that knowledge to the class without the need for an aid of sorts. Overall, the MDG Goal 4 project was very good, in my opinion.