April 26, 2007

What if newspapers were non-profit?

What if newspapers were non-profit? Now bought and sold by major corporations to yield a profit for stockholders newspapers have to remain objective. Objectivity seems to be a difficult concept to reach if content must first be filtered through a series of executives with just that, money making, on their minds. It seems no doubt to me that if this were the case for say every newspaper across the nation the journalism would have a more focued and more objective content. It seems as though that is what would have to happen when a group of people rather than a single executive would be calling the shots.

With the different ways the public is now offered to get their mediaThe Boston Globe has been struggling in the last years. Their profits dropped from $701 million in 2004 to $627 million in 2006. The idea has been knocked around, or floating in the air as to whether the newspaper would be better off operating as a nonprofit organization. It seems as though these newsprints are becoming harder and harder to keep afloat with the decline of newsstand sales.

It seems inevitable with the decline of newsstand sales and the rise of different free sources of media something is going to have to give. It will be interesting if that is the case to see if the content changes and sways towards objectivity.