November 28, 2005

Tipping Points

One might argue that i-pods have tipped, but I don’t think that we have seen the least of it. I do realize that the market is huge for i-pods, but I don’t think that they have reached the full potential. In comparison to Airwalks, Hush-puppies, or Madonna, one could safely compare dollar amounts, and make a justifiable argument that they have tipped. I think though that i-pods are going to take off like cell phones, and be the mark of this era.
The reason i-pod haven’t tipped is for a couple reasons. First, the innovators and the early people have realized the craze, but you are looking at a demographic market in twenty to thirty year olds. They have the cash to buy them, and no kids to worry about. If you are standing at Wal-mart you are going to have to make the decision. A new i-pod for daddy, or diapers for little tyke.
The innovators in the twenty to thirty demographic have defiantly made their mark, but there is so much more. Until you can buy your child a new trapper-keeper with a build in i-pod holder, I don’t think it is safe to say that i-pods have fully tipped. They same goes for an older demographic as well. Until you have a build-in i-pod holder standard on your new Cadillac or Buick, I don’t think the connectors are doing there job. There is so much more potential for the market, which is why I think that it isn’t safe to say that the i-pod market has seen its glory.

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