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Most people would agree that the CNN and FOX news corporations couldn't be more different. In many respects, both can seem biased in some way or another. They do have similarities in the multimedia they use to present the news, however.
Both websites have perfected the use of videos to accompany their written web content. The videos offer visuals of the story, which is helpful in allowing the news consumer to fully understand what is going on in the story. For example, in a news story by CNN about a woman who slapped a police officer, the provided video includes a face-to-face interview with the woman and her husband as well as video from the event as it was happening.
The writing that accompanies video news on news websites is usually shorter, probably because people are expected to watch the video to get most of the information. For this particular CNN story, there was only a description of the video's content.
The FOX news website has a similar structure. In a story about Hurricane Sandy, FOX news even included a live satellite view of the hurricane, which is helpful for news consumers to understand the geographical position of the storm and the areas that will be affected. There was also an accompanying video, but this particular story was also completely written out like a typical print news story.

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