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South Carolina senator to resign in January

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Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina plans to resign from the Senate in January to work for the Heritage Foundation as its president, the Washington Post reported.

The Washington Post says that the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, needs newer, stronger leadership.

The New York Times reported that this opportunity provides DeMint a platform to push the Republican Party even farther to the political right.

"I'm leaving the Senate now, but I'm not leaving the fight, " DeMint said, according to the New York Times.

Twin cities man advances to finale of "The Voice"

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Nicholas David Mrozinski advanced to the finale Tuesday night on NBC's "The Voice," a singing contest that airs during the week, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune reported that Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown, Mrozinski's teammates and competitors, were not voted into the finale and left the show Tuesday night.

"It has been the experience of a lifetime," Mrozinski said on the show., according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune said that Mrozinski will be at the Mall of America on Thursday, with cameras following him, for a public reception. It will be his first trip home since October, when the live episodes began.

Nine dead after shelling hits school in Syria

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At least nine people were killed Tuesday after shelling from an attack hit a school just outside Damascus, Syria, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Batiha School, which is located in a refugee camp northeast of Damascus was hit by shelling of mortar fire, the Los Angeles Times said.

According to the New York Times, the Syrian government says that the rebel fighters are the cause of the attack.

The New York Times reported that an activist in Damascus said it is still unclear which side of the conflict is to blame. That activist told the New York Times that the area was usually very calm.

Suspect of Cold Springs police officer shooting released

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The man who was suspected of killing a Cold Springs police officer has been released from custody today, the Star Tribune reported.

The Star Tribune said that Ryan Michael Larson has been released pending further investigation. Authorities say that more evidence is needed.

The Pioneer Press reported that Larson allegedly shot Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker below his apartment Thursday night. Larson claims he was sleeping during this time.

Officials say that, although Larson has been released, the investigation is still active and they will still pursue their leads "exhaustively," the Pioneer Press reported.

Be careful what you 'like' on Facebook

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The rise in popularity of social media is prompting governments worldwide to pay more attention to what their citizens are posting.

The New York Times reported in November that a medical student in India was arrested and charged with engaging in offensive and hateful speech on her Facebook page. She posted a status disagreeing with the seemingly forced mourning of a political party leader.

Slate reported that the United States government is no exception. As reported in an article in Slate, the FBI used posts and "likes" on Facebook to link a group of California men to al-Qaeda.

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