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Be careful what you 'like' on Facebook

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The rise in popularity of social media is prompting governments worldwide to pay more attention to what their citizens are posting.

The New York Times reported in November that a medical student in India was arrested and charged with engaging in offensive and hateful speech on her Facebook page. She posted a status disagreeing with the seemingly forced mourning of a political party leader.

Slate reported that the United States government is no exception. As reported in an article in Slate, the FBI used posts and "likes" on Facebook to link a group of California men to al-Qaeda.

Energy drinks under scrutiny after FDA released findings

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The Food and Drug Administration released fatality and injury findings on Thursday related to the use of popular energy drinks, the New York Times reported.

The filings included references to Rockstar Energy, 5-Hour Energy and Monster Energy drinks, according to the New York Times.

The Washington Post said that the FDA has received 92 reports over the course of four years that included hospitalizations and even death after consumption of the 5-Hour Energy drink. Monster Energy may have also played a part in five deaths and one heart attack.

The New York Times reported that a filing with the FDA does not confirm that the product caused the illness or death, however.

The Washington Post reported that the FDA does not individually regulate caffeinated beverages.

University of Iowa official faces harassment accusations

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An Associated Press story in the Star Tribune reported that a University of Iowa athletic department official has been accused of trading football tickets and money for sexual favors.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen obtained a copy of the findings of an investigation stating that Peter Gray had a history of inappropriate behavior in the athletic department, the story said.

Gray resigned from his position in the athletic department Monday. Neither the AP nor the Press-Citizen could find Gray's number, and the UI athletics department spokesman Steve Roe told the AP they would not comment, as it is a "personnel issue".

Gray's duties this semester included one-on-one counseling with athletes from both men's and women's teams at UI, the said.

Good luck for Obama in last few days of campaign

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President Obama has had some good luck in the last few days of the presidential race, including a very important announcement by the Labor Department that 171,000 job positions were added in October, according to the New York Times.

"Generally, the report shows that things are better than we'd expected and certainly better than we'd thought a few months ago," said senior United States economist for Capital Economics Paul Dales to the New York Times.

The Washington Post reported that Obama has also had good luck in some other areas. The most recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll shows that 79 percent of Americans thought that the president did either a "good" or "excellent" job in his handling of Hurricane Sandy.

Finally, according to the Washington Post, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was so moved by the hurricane that he announced he endorses Obama for the presidential race.

Syrian army to adhere to a ceasefire for holiday

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The Syrian army announced Thursday that it will observe a four-day ceasefire beginning Friday for a Muslim holiday, the BBC reported.

The New York Times reported that the holiday, Id al-Adha, is the most important Muslim holiday of the year.

The New York Times also reported that, if the ceasefire is adhered to, this will be the first time since April 2011 that both sides have said they would at least make an attempt to stop the violence.

The BBC said that the truce was proposed by the UN and by Lakhdar Brahimi, the international envoy of the Arab League.

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