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Super Ultra Mega Happy Concerns

I thought David Abram’s take on nature was very thought provoking. He took a different stance and came at some very interesting points. He mentions that, “The deeply mysterious powers and entities with whom the shaman enters into a rapport are the same forces – plants, animals, and winds – that to literate, “civilized? Europeans are just so much scenery, the pleasant backdrop of our more pressing human concerns.? I can totally see where Mr. Abram is coming from. We see ourselves as being above nature and it is just something that’s there. However, the mountains and deciduous forests can be a nice background for the things we truly value in America, like football and the Spice Girls. I think this is a viewpoint many in this world, Americans especially share. It really is sad to put on so much value for things that aren’t worth it.
He writes earlier, “that which is viewed with the greatest awe and wonder by indigenous, oral cultures is, I suggest, none other than what we call nature itself.? Our culture has totally zapped out all the awe of nature. No longer are we amazed by the sun or how a tree grows because we actually do know and we are desensitized. Step back for a second, just take a step back and actually think about the sun. It is a massive ball of flames floating in space. How do we not worship this anymore? The sun is insane when you really think about it, but then again it’s just nature to us. It only serves as a backdrop to the more pressing concerns in our popular culture.

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You made some very good points and I completely agree with you. Western culture seems to think that nature is something simple or boring that's there for their own use. As a result, we never see the magnificance that nature truly is. I like your reference to the super bowl and Spice Girls. Although I hope Spice Girls are a little out of date... Americans do place a lot of value on insignificant things, while ignoring nature's phenomenons.