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Another rant to deal with

I enjoyed reading Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.? It seems that most environmentalists credit her with first inspiring them to become involved and take an initiative. I can see why. Here story may have been fictionalized but I don’t care. If anything she scares people into change. In this case I don’t see that as being a bad thing. I can’t see any harm in reducing the amount of pesticides we dump on our plants and fertilizers for that matter. Maybe farmers won’t be able to pump out as much product but that will only increase demand which will increase the prices. Also, it would get rid of the massive operations that have taken over and bring back the family farms. Sometimes it takes a shock like that to encourage people to make the changes they need to make. It is the same thing with global warming. Some facts maybe portrayed in a way that exaggerates them. I don’t think that matters. If it makes people want to change how much they pollute or consume then I don’t see the bad thing about it. I suppose if people start playing devils advocate then we could have some negative consequences.
What happened at Rachel Carson’s fictional spring has actually happened all over the world and that’s the scary thing. Human intervention with nature rarely has a good outcome. In fact, I can’t even think of one good example. Nature has worked fine for millennia and humans appear to be the monkey wrench. I only hope that in the future we realize this before it is to late to do anything. It’s to bad though because I think we have crossed that line long ago and we are storming head first into a future that can only progress downhill. Rant Rant Rant.