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global wharfing

After reading the two articles about global warming I started to really think about it. What I came up with afterwards is that I still think global warming is occurring, and if it isn’t I guess I don’t really care. If we do all we can to stop global warming even if it isn’t really happening all we are doing is improving the environment. Changes for the positive will be made and that in my opinion is all that really matters. Just because global warming isn’t happening doesn’t mean we should just throw it to the wind and start pumping as much CO2 as physically possible into the air, we should learn from this. Of course that’s all hypothetical because I believe it is happening and we should be doing something. Which it’s kind of strange because most people really aren’t doing anything about it. People still drive SUVs and cut down trees so they can build big houses that use copious amounts of energy to heat or cool, either one will work because nature is never perfect enough for all people. It’s always to cold or to hot, sorry about the rant. Something to think about: methane is a major greenhouse gas. What’s the largest producer of methane? Cattle. What? That’s right cattle are the largest producers of methane. Think about that. If you cut down on your meat intake you can save so much it must be illegal. It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. If you cut out at least one pound of beef from your diet you can save the equivalent to a years worth of showers. Another that’s insane about cattle is the amount of land they take up and destroy. Most of the open space in America used for agriculture use is used by cattle. What do those cattle do on these open spaces? They produce methane which in the long run might kill us. It’s almost as if they are trying to seek revenge on us through some long term goals or something. Once again I just rambled, sorry; hope it made some sense to somebody.