The Moral Compass, In What Direction Does Yours Point?

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Hi, all

I wanted the class to see this video and tell me what thoughts and/or feelings you had about it. The first time I saw it, I was absolutely disgusted; I simply couldn't believe what I was looking at, on a non-xrated channel no less. Okay, so BET might not be the best judge of what's decent and what isn't, but, come on! Really? Is this how we doin...

I remember being so disappointed in Nelly, not that I think my opinion matters to him and his crew in the least. Still, TipDrill was a side of this rap artist that I didn't know existed, that I didn't want to know existed. My best friend, Felisha, on the other hand was not so put off by the base sexual carnality of the music vide. She said that she in no way found the video to be offensive because the women were well aware of what they were getting into and were more than likely compensated for their time and "cooperation".

I totally disagree. I don't a flyin fig what you might have paid someone or what type of consent they might have given. There should be a point when your own personal moral compass takes over. There should exist a line of basic humanity inside you that you just won't cross. As I said in my response paper, "I strongly believe that the burdens of sexual exploitation should not rest just on the shoulders of women. Men must share this burden because it is they who created this vile monster, and for the most part, they who keep it nutritionally satiated." What are your thoughts? (please, watch the entire video)

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