Bigfoot... Is it Real?

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When I was looking through the internet to try and find something to write about I can upon some articles about the creature called Bigfoot. Bigfoot is a large humanoid creature covered in dark hair, like a gorilla, that is said to live in the Pacific Northwest, in the states of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and British Columbia, Canada. Bigfoot sightings and reports pop up sporadically from time to time, but there has not been any solid evidence to support its existence.
The thinking behind Bigfoot being real definitely does not follow the six principles of scientific thinking. First off, it is not falsifiable; there is no way that someone can prove that Bigfoot does not exist. Even though many have tried to find it, no one has found any solid evidence. Proponents of Bigfoot still claim that it is out there; they were just looking in the wrong spot. Since one person cannot be everywhere at once, it is impossible to disprove the existence.
Also based off the fact that is has been so many years and so many people have looked for this creature, Bigfoot is definitely an extraordinary claim. Therefore, it would require a vast amount of real hard evidence, for example the actual creature, for it to be proven true.
Lastly, when it comes to Bigfoot, it would be best to follow the principal of Occam's razor where the simplest explanation is usually the best. In this case it would be that the evidence supporting Bigfoot is usually fabricated or it is something common like a bear track that is being misinterpreted as a Bigfoot track. For example, there is a man that came forward and admitted to playing Bigfoot in the famous 1967 Hoax footage.

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