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Photos show suspected Syrian nuclear site here today, gone tomorrwow

In August, satellite photos showed a square building 150 feet to a side in Syria which federal analysts suspected served as a work site for a nuclear reactor. On Wednesday, two satellite photos showed the same site absent the building, according to the New York Times.
Syria said the site was bombed by the Israelis in early September and was a mostly empty military storage building. Private and federal analysts, however, said the quick and clean removal of the building could be a tacit admission of guilt.
“It’s a magic act — here today, gone tomorrow,? a senior intelligence official said, the New York Times reported Friday. “It doesn’t lower suspicions; it raises them. This was not the long-term decommissioning of a building, which can take a year. It was speedy. It’s incredible that they could have gone to that effort to make something go away.?