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Musharraf imposes emergency rule, arrrests hundreds

Pakistan’s prime minister, Pervez Musharraf, imposed emergency rule on Pakistan Saturday, arresting hundreds and restricting media, according to the BBC and the Guardian.
Musharraf declared emergency rule just before the Pakistan supreme court was to rule on the legality of Musharraf’s election in October. Musharraf said he did it to stop Pakistan from “committing suicide? due to what he calls the country’s militant violence and unruly judiciary, the BBC said.
Musharraf ordered the arrest of judges as the supreme court was sitting Saturday, arrested opposition politicians and senior lawyers, the Guardian said. Television and radio stations were taken off the air, and military troops are manning the streets.
The emergency rule could delay elections, which were scheduled to take place November 15, when Musharraf said he would step down, a year.
The U.S., which depends on an alliance with Musharraf in the war against terror, implored him to take less authoritative steps.