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Saudi Arabian rape victim sentenced to lashes and jail time

A 21-year-old Saudi Arabian gang rape victim was sentenced to 200 lashes and a 6-month sentence in jail Saturday, double her original sentence for being in a car with a male unrelated to her, after she appealed her first punishment, according to the BBC and the Guardian. Al-Jazeera did not report on the case.
The woman, who was 19 at the time of the attack, was raped 14 times by seven men. Her attackers’ sentences were also doubled to 2-10 years in jail, what the BBC called a light sentence considering they could’ve received the death penalty.
The judges decided to further punish the woman for “trying to aggravate the court through the media? and her lawyer was “suspended from the case, has had his license to work confiscated, and faces a disciplinary session,? according to the BBC.