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Clinton campaign workers held hostage by man with road flares

A man with a history of mental instability and fake explosives strapped to his chest held three people hostage for three hours at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in New Hampshire Friday, according to the Guardian and Reuters.
Leeland Eisenberg, 46, walked into the campaign office at lunchtime Friday, said he had a bomb strapped to his chest, and demanded to talk to Clinton about health care. Clinton was at a Democratic National Committee meeting in Washington at the time. Eisenberg let a woman and her child who were in the office go free, but held three others for six hours before surrendering peacefully to police.
After police slid a cellular phone under the door to try to attempt to negotiate with Eisenberg, Clinton offered to cooperate, but police did not want her talking to him.
The bomb turned out to be road flares.
Clinton cancelled a speech in Virginia to speak to the victims and their families.