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American Idol

It seems as if people either love the television show American Idol or they hate it. There are people who can’t get enough of “idol,? they watch every week, vote, blog about the results, go out and buy the contestant’s CD’s and more. There are others who claim to hate the show, blog about how much the show “sucks? and intentionally try to get people to vote for the worst people just to mess up the show. Either way you look at it tens of thousands of people audition for the show, even more watch it and it is all the buzz at offices. To get more information about American Idol I read the article http://tvbythenumbers.com/2008/05/15/most-american-idol-viewers-over-age-35-ans-other-idol-data/3787. This article shatters the idea that only teens and pre-teens watch American Idol. There is just something about a show that gives the “Average Joe? the opportunity to make it big that has caught the world by storm.

The website http://tvbythenumbers.com/2008/05/15/most-american-idol-viewers-over-age-35-and-other-idol-data-data/3787 says that most people who watch American Idol are age 35 and older. To some degree this is surprising, because it would make more sense that teens would be the primary audience because the contestants are usually younger and teens are big consumers of popular music. The technology used to vote the quickest is also geared toward teens (I know very few people over the age of 35 that know how to send a text message). In addition, the audiences shown on the shows are typically teens. They seem to swarm the stage as the contestants sing and they hold signs of their love and/or support for their favorite contestants. On the other hand, it makes sense that the older generations are watching American Idol because they probably have kids who are also watching Idol. Now that I think of it, quite a bit of the music that the contestants sing when they get down to the top 20 or so are classic artists like the Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The website tvbynumbers.com also says that 50% of people who watch American Idol are between the ages of 18-49. That is a huge range and shows that Idol has done a good job of making the show attractive to just about everyone.

So what is it about American Idol that makes it so popular? Is it the embarrassing auditions that happen in the beginning of the show? Do people like getting their entertainment from seeing people who can’t sing? Is it that people like to judge the contestants performances? Is it that people like hearing what the expert judges (Randy, Paula and Simon) have to say about the contestants? Is it that by the end of the show there will be a “winner? and someone will have the chance to become famous? Or is it that people are afraid of being out of the loop, so they watch just to stay connected and to have something to talk about at work? There is just something about it that keeps people watching. Even those who claim to hate the show watch it so that they can talk about how much it “sucks.? www.VotefortheWorst.com is a website for people to construe the outcome of the show, so that the worst contestants stay on the show instead of the best. This can only be the work of people who do not like the show because it “screws? deserving people out of the opportunity to succeed. Nobody can forget Sanjaya Malakar from Idol season 6. He was obviously a very weak and not to mention inexperienced singer who advanced farther on the show than many who actually had talent. This raises questions as to the fairness of the voting and the accuracy of who is named the “best singer.? Despite all of the drama that ensues the show, it is a great opportunity for those on the show and great entertainment for those of us who watch at home.

As for me, I am one of the people in the “can’t get enough? category when it comes to American Idol. I am not one of those obsessed fans who votes multiple times a week, blogs about the show, goes to the concerts, and auditions for the glory of being on the show. I just enjoy watching the show. It is hard to say exactly what I like best about the show, but it would have to be the mix of the horrible first auditions and the awesome final performances. I also like that ordinary people get the opportunity to make it big on the show, it is not about celebrities that get everything they want handed to them on a silver platter, it is about regular people. My husband and I usually watch the show together and make bets on who we think will go home each week (the loser usually has to make dinner or buy Dairy Queen).