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Mobile Technologies

In many countries, technology is not available, especially in the capacity most of us reading this are used to. Unfortunately a lot of these countries are also those with unstable climates, governmental problems, extreme poverty and disease, and lack of education.

In these countries, it is possible to bring technology in and make positive changes. With the wireless technology available today, it is much easier to connect and set up internet and other types of communication and information transfer. It is entirely possible to skip the landline phase and go straight to wireless.

Communication like this can bring education to anywhere in the world. It can cut down on travel time, so those without vehicles can check market prices without losing a day just in travel time. Communication can also help governments have successful elections!! More people can be informed about the nation's issues and candidates and know when and where elections are taking place.

From 2000-2006, cell phone usage in Kenya went from 15,000 to 6,000,000!!!!!!!
In Somalia, increases are happening too, but at a much slower rate. Slowly, these options are becoming available. There are 3 communication companies offering service in these areas.

The new $100 laptop designed at MIT has been specially made as an educational tool for kids all over the world. Unfortunately right now, it is only available through governments, so those nations with unstable governments do not receive this amazing technology.

But, there is hope. With growing communication, these laptops are already one step closer.