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Green Design

I was just introduced to this concept of "Green Design." What is green design? No, it's not green marijuana leaves with hemp tied around it. It's eco-friendly materials, with ideas that support this idea of a clean organic world.

What do I have to say about this? Well, it's definitely not from my neck of the woods. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in keeping our environment clean, but there are extremes to everything. So, in this project, I want to make it Green, but do this without being overboard.

So I guess my first step is to do research on these “eco-friendly? inks and papers. I will also need to look at every aspect of my idea, and make sure that I am not being contradictory. I don’t want to make a battery-powered iPod box, and find out that batteries are very harmful to the earth.

The ideas are starting to come out. I have decided to do a recipe box that will hold different spices and measuring spoons, and of course, the recipes. The recipes will be organic and above all healthy. Even though, healthy isn’t necessarily eco-friendly, it still is associated with it. It will have a recipe holder on the top. I will use a table saw to cut a twenty degree angled slot in the top. The recipes will be on a heavier cardstock so it will stand up on its own. On that back of the lid, I’m going to have conversion charts for cooking and other useful information.

So, I’m off to start my box.


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