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EXTRA CREDIT: Portfolio Reviewing and Studio Tour

For our studio tour this semester, we were invited to Yamomoto Moss. This was one of the cooler firms that we had visited. Last semester, we went to Duffy, Sussner and Aesthetic Apparatus. Yamomoto Moss was more along the lines of Duffy, where they are a bit of a bigger firm and had a handful of big clients. We all asked a lot of questions, mostly about portfolios and how to get a job (surprise surprise).

We also had gone to the portfolio fair that the SDO had also put on. This was VERY interesting and totally worthwhile to go to. I had gotten feedback on my book, and most of the things I agreed on. We had also gone through a lot of general questions about books, and what they should look like, how many pieces, etc. I was lucky to take some notes on these things, and have them under my “jobs� folder. I guess I won’t really know for sure if UMD has prepared me well for getting a job until I get into the field, but it seems like its going smoothly so far. Thanks to the SDO for organizing this event. Well worth it.


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