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CopyWRONG Final Results

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Here are the results of my CopyWRONG images:



Collaborative Installation

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Our group has decided to stick with our original idea for the installation. We've decided to install our piece in the art display case. We will have larger prints of our imagery in the background with smaller shredded imagery hanging from tree branches. Please see Ava's blog for an example of the mock-up.

Digital Focus Ideas

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For my digital focus assignment I am planning on doing something with photography. At this point, I am not positive what. Possibly I will make a website using my images. I still need to think further on this. Below, I have attached some of my images that show the type of photography I am, at this point, leaning towards using:





Here are a few photographers that inspire me, and links to websites containing their imagery:

Ellen Von Unwerth

Juergen Teller (mainly his Marc Jacobs photography, but other portfolios as well)

CopyWRONG Fair Use

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All in all, I feel that a number of my images from the CopyWrong assignment were not fair use and that I did break the law. However, I also feel that some of my images were so abstracted that they did not break the law. This is because the parts of the image I used to abstract it were not very recognizable; they were patterns more so than objects.

Image from the Tweed Collection

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For the copyWRONG project, I have chosen to work with this image:


Tractored Out, Childress County, Texas
Dorthea Lange
Gelatin Silver Print, 9.25" x 13.5"

I have chosen this image because I like black and white and I really like the simplicity and the lines in the image.

Here are a few of my CopyWrong images:




About Me

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This blog is maintained by Taylor Twite. I am a Digital Arts & Photography major at UMD, and this blog is to keep track of my work in my digital studio II class.

Winter Remix Project Images

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Our first project in digital studio II was to take our own images associated with winter and collage them in some way. We then posted them for the class and proceeded to take other classmate's images and remix them with our own.


Here's a link to a photo gallery of my other remixed images and installation ideas.

This is my idea for an installation:


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