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Techniques/Materials/Project Idea

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I am planning on using well patina-ed old silver serving platters that I found at a thrift shop. I am going to take images that I have but have never worked with before or even taken out or camera raw format, as well as new images. I will make a total of 5 finished pieces that will together form a unified wall piece. I am planning on printing on thinner, magazine-type paper if possible, and am considering collage-ing a few small pieces from magazines or news paper on (still not sure about this). I will attach the images of my work on the serving platters via decoupage. Thus, I will need serving platters, decoupage, a paint brush, printing materials, and possibly magazine or newspaper clippings.

New Work/Crit 1

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Here is an image of new work for this project. While I will be using new images, I am also planning on using a couple of previously taken but never edited/used images. Here is one:


Past Work

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Some images of past work that relate to this project:




Artist Inspiration

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Group Installation

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Our group's installation followed the link provided in the last post. However, instead of draping our shredded imagery, as originally planned, we laid it across the bottom of the case, on top of other shredded paper. We all printed and set up the case together. Nearly everything was a group effort, except for the creation of our digital images, which we did on our own. Here is a picture of the image i put in the case:


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