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Critique 3.

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This week I have finished choosing and editing the images for the project (I also edited a couple extras, but I don't think I'm going to use them). I have also back to the cabin to take a closer look at the books on the shelves. It turns out, they're all accounting books-- yuck! So, I took a trip to Goodwill and picked up an older book with good page color and type, and started going through the book to find some sentences and phrases that will work with my project. I have since found 5 or so, and will attach pictures of them. I'm thinking i'll most likely use the ones about things never changing and remembering the story, etc. They seem to fit best. However, it will depend on how they look on the images. In the coming week I plan on printing out the images (i made sure to crop them so that they will print the correct size over the course of this week) and seeing which text looks best on them. I also plan on trying out acrylic varnish on a test plate with some other images, so that I can get a feel for how to best work with the product before beginning on the final placement of the images and text on my "good" plates. This last week I have also figured out which images will go on which plates. Here are the finished images that I have not yet put on my blog, and the images of the ripped-out text:



IMG_1249 copy.jpg

IMG_3124 copy.jpg

Critique 2.

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In the last week I have gone back to the cabin and shot for the project a second time. I have also edited my first three images that will definitely be on the plates, as well as made some other decisions. I am going to rip the images to fit into the platters, rather than cut & fit them perfectly, because I feel as though this fits the concept better. I have also decided against newspaper/magazine text being collaged onto the images, because they would be too new and wouldn't fit with the rest of the project. I'm going to try to find the books that are shown in one of the images and use them to collage onto the platters instead. If I can't find those specific books, I'll get some other books from the same time period from a thrift store and use those. Here are this week's finished images:




Technique/Materials Update/Cont. Crit 1


In my first entry, I said I was planning on using decopauge. I have since changed this plan. Because I was the physicality of the papers to be in the works, I do not want to use a transfer method such as water-slide decal or inkjet transparency, etc. However, instead of decopauge, I have decided on using acrylic varnish, which dries clear, glossy, and transparent. Acrylic varnish, according to everything I have read, will also eliminate brush strokes, which is one of the things I was unsure of with decopauge. Acrylic varnish also adheres well to metal surfaces.

In addition, last weekend I went and shot for the project. I am not putting the images up yet, as I am still deciding which to use and still need to edit them. You can see my other entry with the title "new work/crit one" for an example of one of the images I will be using, though.

In the last week I have also decided on a layout for the platters. Although in the picture they are just laying on a bed, this is the formation they will take when finished and hung. So here it is:


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