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In my first entry, I said I was planning on using decopauge. I have since changed this plan. Because I was the physicality of the papers to be in the works, I do not want to use a transfer method such as water-slide decal or inkjet transparency, etc. However, instead of decopauge, I have decided on using acrylic varnish, which dries clear, glossy, and transparent. Acrylic varnish, according to everything I have read, will also eliminate brush strokes, which is one of the things I was unsure of with decopauge. Acrylic varnish also adheres well to metal surfaces.

In addition, last weekend I went and shot for the project. I am not putting the images up yet, as I am still deciding which to use and still need to edit them. You can see my other entry with the title "new work/crit one" for an example of one of the images I will be using, though.

In the last week I have also decided on a layout for the platters. Although in the picture they are just laying on a bed, this is the formation they will take when finished and hung. So here it is:



I think that this is a cool idea and i'm interested to see what they turn out like. Seeing as the platters are all different sizes I think you should carefully pick which image you put on each one. They are all different sizes and shapes so some images would look better on certain platters. I haven't seen any of your photography yet so I can't give an opinion on what should go where but I think cutting out the images to fit in each bowl perfectly is going to be key in making it look professional.

I think you should do images that look like that one you showed us with mostly nature textures and that single bit of human interaction in the background. I found that interesting. Also, test out or google a bunch on how to do your process, trust me, it's not going to be easy. So, if you need to talk to AJ in the store!

I like the platters you have for the final product. I think they all will form a nice series that all go together but are different shapes. I think when you add the pictures onto the base of the platters it would be nice if you could match up to the edges of the base so it forms to that shape. Im interested to see what images you will come up with.

I absolutely adore the platters you purchased for your project, and the image that was shown in class will add a unique commentary to them. I like that your adding a textural design onto an already textural object and think it will be fun to see what other photographs you select!

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