Digital Focus Reflection.

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Project Focus/Title: My digital focus project consisted of photographic images that were affixed to serving platters to form a wall piece. The piece is currently untitled.

Size/Format: roughly 3x2.5 feet from end to end, top to bottom (5 separate platters, forming one larger piece this size).

Conceptual Ideas/Thematic Subjects Investigated: In this project i visually explored an old, abandoned cabin that belongs to extended family. My photographs are meant to show this investigation in a way that is both personal to me and my family but remain relatable to a larger audience. I placed these images, with text from old books, on well-used platters from a thrift store. The piece comes together with a worn feeling of memory while still questioning the space's back story.

Work Process: my process consisted of photographing, editing, printing and acrylic varnishing onto old platters from a thrift store. I also obtained books from a thrift store, which I went through and took phrases from and also varnished to the platters. My major problem was the acrylic varnish, which I liked, with the exception of it creating a sort of bubbled surface on larger images. It seemed to turn out okay in the end, with practice, but I still feel it could have been a bit better and less bubbly with further practice. If I were to do this project again, I feel I would still use acrylic varnish, but practice further and try to figure out why exactly it bubbled and how to stop this.

Final Craft: In the end, I feel my project came together well. If I were to do this again, I may use a semi or satin gloss varnish instead of matte, but I otherwise rather liked my turnout.

Display: Ideally, this piece would be displayed to a public audience through installation on a museum wall.

Continuation: If I were to continue to develop this work, I would like to expand by making prints of other images I took in making these five, matting and framing them, and displaying them with the wall piece.

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