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Technique/Materials Update/Cont. Crit 1


In my first entry, I said I was planning on using decopauge. I have since changed this plan. Because I was the physicality of the papers to be in the works, I do not want to use a transfer method such as water-slide decal or inkjet transparency, etc. However, instead of decopauge, I have decided on using acrylic varnish, which dries clear, glossy, and transparent. Acrylic varnish, according to everything I have read, will also eliminate brush strokes, which is one of the things I was unsure of with decopauge. Acrylic varnish also adheres well to metal surfaces.

In addition, last weekend I went and shot for the project. I am not putting the images up yet, as I am still deciding which to use and still need to edit them. You can see my other entry with the title "new work/crit one" for an example of one of the images I will be using, though.

In the last week I have also decided on a layout for the platters. Although in the picture they are just laying on a bed, this is the formation they will take when finished and hung. So here it is:


Techniques/Materials/Project Idea

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I am planning on using well patina-ed old silver serving platters that I found at a thrift shop. I am going to take images that I have but have never worked with before or even taken out or camera raw format, as well as new images. I will make a total of 5 finished pieces that will together form a unified wall piece. I am planning on printing on thinner, magazine-type paper if possible, and am considering collage-ing a few small pieces from magazines or news paper on (still not sure about this). I will attach the images of my work on the serving platters via decoupage. Thus, I will need serving platters, decoupage, a paint brush, printing materials, and possibly magazine or newspaper clippings.

New Work/Crit 1

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Here is an image of new work for this project. While I will be using new images, I am also planning on using a couple of previously taken but never edited/used images. Here is one:


Artist Inspiration

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Digital Focus Ideas

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For my digital focus assignment I am planning on doing something with photography. At this point, I am not positive what. Possibly I will make a website using my images. I still need to think further on this. Below, I have attached some of my images that show the type of photography I am, at this point, leaning towards using:





Here are a few photographers that inspire me, and links to websites containing their imagery:

Ellen Von Unwerth

Juergen Teller (mainly his Marc Jacobs photography, but other portfolios as well)

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