Collection Size and Managing Student Work


It's proven to be tricky corralling everyone and getting projects to keep everyone busy while trying to maintain our forward momentum. When Susan and I began in the late summer, the students slowly trickled in. This gave us time to try to feel out our surroundings and get a system going. Each student was given a small collection to start processing. This repeated for a round or two while the G. Edward Schuh Papers were surveyed. This collection spanned 5 accessions and 176 cubic feet of material.
We fazed all of our manpower into weeding, processing, and box listing this single collection. The weeks of Schuh blur together now, however, eventually we found that tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

It was about at this point that we realized since we had everyone working on this one collection, we did not have quite as many collections surveyed and ready for the students as would have made us comfortable. So again we dished out a few smaller collections, essentially buying us time to get our sealegs back. Susan and I trained one of our particularly detail oriented students in the art of surveying collections, which has proven to tremendously help even out the work flow. After the Christmas break we
will be training one or two additional students on surveying in order to continue to open up our options when it comes time to begin a new collection.desks.JPGshelving.JPG

Another piece of the puzzle was the installation of our new shelving units. We have more than doubled the storage in our workspace, which will allow us to bring up the larger collections with less hassle. Here are a few pictures of what our space looks like with the new shelving and the rearranged desks.

We look toward December with the expectation of surveying and processing a few of the larger, more higher priority collections.

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