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The project processed the records and papers of forty-seven unique collections amassed from a 120 accessions to the archives over several decades. The collections consist of both departmental and college records and the personal papers and research of university administrators and faculty. A complete listing of the collections follows below.

The completed finding aids for the collections are available for searching online through the University of Minnesota Archives.

Departmental and College Records
4-H Records, (Collection #17)
Agricultural Extension Service Records, (Collection #935)
Cedar Creek Natural History Area Records, (Collection #238)
Cereal Rust Laboratory Records, (Collection #37)
Cloquet Forestry Center Records, (Collection #341)
College of Agriculture Records, (Collection #922)
College of Forestry Records, (Collection #942)
College of Home Economics Records, (Collection #182)
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics Records, (Collection #32)
Department of Agricultural Biochemistry Records, (Collection #583)
Department of Agricultural Education Records, (Collection #31)
Department of Agricultural Engineering Records, (Collection #339)
Department of Agricultural Short Courses Records, (Collection #1064)
Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics Records, (Collection #36)
Department of Animal Husbandry Records, (Collection #471)
Department of Dairy Husbandry Records, (Collection #340)
Department of Ecology and Behavioral Biology Records, (Collection #460)
Department of Entomology and Economic Zoology Records, (Collection #938)
Department of Family Social Science Records, (Collection #1192)
Department of Food Science and Nutrition Records, (Collection #16)
Department of Forest Products Records, (Collection #944)
Department of Horticultural Science Records, (Collection #30)
Department of Information and Agricultural Journalism Publications, (Collection #141)
Department of Soils Records, (Collection #173)
Department of Zoology Records, (Collection #910)
Farm and Home Week Records, (Collection #499)
Itasca Biological Station and Laboratory Records, (Collection #585)
Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station Records, (Collection #932)
North Central Experiment Station Records, (Collection #125)
Northeast Experiment Station Records, (Collection #1195)
Northwest Experiment Station and School Records, (Collection #1194)
Office of International Agricultural Programs Records, (Collection #929)
School of Agriculture Records, (Collection #343)
Southern Experiment Station Records, (Collection #133)
West Central School of Agriculture and Experiment Station Records, (Collection #580)

Faculty and Administrators Personal Papers
Clyde H. Bailey Papers, (Collection #361)
Sherwood O. Berg Papers, (Collection #42)
Andrew Boss Papers, (Collection #686)
Charles R. Burnham Papers, (Collection #1030)
Walter Castella Coffey Papers, (Collection #699)
Laddie Joe Elling Papers, (Collection #1191)
Theodore August Erickson Papers, (Collection #712)
Edward M. Freeman Papers, (Collection #372)
Alexander Granovsky Papers, (Collection #59)
Albert J. Linck Papers, (Collection #90)
Harold Macy Papers, (Collection #273)
G. Edward Schuh Papers, (Collection #1189)

Processing the School of Agriculture Collection


One of the first collections we brought up to be processed was the School of Agriculture collection. When we brought it up it consisted of 16 collection numbers: 343, 344, 345, 346, 347, 610, 618, 624, 626, 629, 666, 799, 983, 988, 992, and 2010-0041, in addition to all the materials from the print collection. There was about 35.6 cubic feet of material, in total, prior to processing.

The School of Agriculture collection deals with the high school that was created by the University. It deals primarily with the school that existed in St. Paul, although later on different schools were erected in different cities throughout the state. The collection spans over 100 years, extending from the 1850's to the 1970's. The materials span a wide range of topics including: a list of colors of the graduating classes, handwritten ledgers of records from the school's various clubs, commencement programs, and yearbooks, to name a few.

I started off by surveying the collection, looking at all of the various collections and trying to understand what made up each individual collection. During this process I filled out the survey forms we'd created to explain the physical condition and types of materials found in each section. The next step was synthesizing all that information into a processing plan for bringing all of the collections together into one. It ended up that most of the individual collections contained one fairly specific type of material-and that was how we ended up defining series. I identified what would be 7 series the materials would be sorted into: History, Correspondence, Club Files, Miscellaneous, Student Projects, Publications, and Scrapbooks. From this point, one of our students took over and physically processed the materials, ordered the boxes, and listed the materials, by folder, in Excel. I took over from there and finished up the EAD formatting. As it stands now, this collection is currently waiting for the finishing touches before it becomes available online.

With all the physical processing done, the collection now consists of 29 cubic feet of material synthesized into one collection. The student and I together have spent about 35 and three-quarters hours from the initial surveying to the EAD formatting. Approximately 30 and a half of those hours were spent doing the physical processing, rearranging, and box listing.

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