August 19, 2008

Living on the Canadian Border dab

Who could imagine living only 5 miles from Canada, we do! And now with the Canadian dollar getting stronger than the U.S. dollar it is likely I will start shopping in Canada. Winnipeg is as close to me as Grand Forks or Bemidji MN. Why not buy where my dollar gives me more? I know - I know, Canadian prices in the stores are a bit higher, but look at our inflation rate lately. Has anyone compared it to Canada's inflation rate for 2008?

August 7, 2008

First Posting for Homework

Blogging is something that could be very useful in our Regional Office. If I can get all of the educators to step up to the plate and start using it as a communciation tool for office needs. In a small office, such as ours, often times the support staff are the only people in the office and we can use blogging to ask questions of our educators while they are traveling. Email works but blogging will be a better communicator for all office persons to be able to see what has happened or happening! Wish me luck!